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Looking for the best of 50by25? I will fully admit to writing a mishmash of posts… really, whatever’s on my mind at the moment! But most of my posts are something about fitness/running, goal setting, productivity, or travel. Here are some of my most popular posts to get you started:

– Should Fitness Studios Ban Their Competition?
– 4:30 Marathon or Bust! Treadmill Workout
– Top Ten Tips to Run a Marathon in the Rain
– Top Seven Tips for Running in the Heat
How to Deal with Blisters from Running
– How to Reach Your Exercise Goals While Injured
How Does Thinking Affect Performance?
Are Fitness Cults a Bad Thing?

– GSD: Achieving Flow
– How I Developed My To-Do List to GSD (Part 1)
– How I Developed My To-Do List to GSD (Part 2)
Top Tips to Achieve Inbox Zero
Six Filters to Make Your Inbox Manageable
– What Do You Do When You Get Free Time?
Why I Turned Off Text Messaging Notifications (And You Should, Too)

Goal Setting:
– Four Reasons to Share Your Goals
– Why Goal Setting Shouldn’t Get In Your Way
– Breathe Out
What If You Commit… Tomorrow?
How To Stay Committed To Your Goals
I’m a Quitter… And Proud Of It
You Can’t Judge a Dream
Hedging My Bets and Increasing the Odds

Five Tips to Beat Jetlag
Getting to the Race: Tips for Finding Cheap Airfare and Custom Itineraries
– How to Use ITA Matrix
Why Neither Tuesdays, Nor Sundays, Are the Best Days to Buy Cheap Airline Tickets
How To Decide Which Hotel Points to Redeem
Remember, It’s Just Time and Money
The Message of New York City

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