April 16, 2021

Weekend Recap: Mom’s Birthday


This was a weekend I had been planning for a very long time, and I was really excited it was finally here. It kicked off on Thursday afternoon. At 2pm, I told my mom I was headed to the grocery store, and hopped into the car to take a call while driving… to the airport to pick up my dad! He and I had hatched a plan to fly him to Colorado for the weekend to celebrate my mom’s birthday, and she had no idea. I was nervous for weeks that I was going to accidentally let it slip, but the surprise …

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March 27, 2021

Weekend Recap: Three Day Spring Ski Weekend


Another three day weekend off from consulting – I headed up to the mountains Thursday night in order to teach Friday! When I got up to Minturn Thursday night, I wasn’t feeling well – a little bit dizzy, like the altitude had hit me extra hard. So that night, I went to bed early and slept pretty hard, and woke up Friday morning wishing I could sleep longer. A quick 20 minute Peloton core class and 10 minute arms & toning class helped, and I was happy I got all that in. I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast (Trader Joe’s pretzel …

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March 6, 2021

Weekend Recap: Long Run and Mountains with Sadie

Sadie_Loves_Skiing (1)

My weekend kicked off in a pretty typical way – after my last meeting of the day, I knocked out a bunch more work and cleaned out my inbox a bit to try to destress, then made pizza with Mom… and also snuck in a quick Peloton chest and back class while it baked. In the evening, we watched two episodes of Smash before I was exhausted and called it a night. We are working our way through this series! The next morning, I woke up and tried to head out for my long run almost immediately. I’ve finally learned that …

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February 12, 2021

Weekend Recap: Superbowl Sunday


Friday was a busy day at work, culminating in a call with one of the partners who’s been trying to convince me to move over to a new leadership role within the firm. It’s a super intriguing role, but it’s also scary to move from the practice I’ve literally worked in for the last ten years! However, my friend Mike recently left the firm and then came back and joined that practice, so I’ve had a bit of a view of what it’s like “on the inside” – and it seems like an awesome fit and a good career move. …

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January 30, 2021

Weekend Recap: Netflix and Hills


Once again, I started my Friday with a hike – this time up Rattlesnake Gulch to the Continental Divide Overlook, a shorter hike so I could be home in time for my 8am call. Although there were a few icy sections, Sadie and I managed to finish the entire roundtrip in just 75 minutes. I am looking forward to setting some hiking PRs when the snow melts and we can go fast! After a full day of work, I headed to Safeway to pick up a frozen pizza (their Safeway Select brand is my favorite frozen pizza), and my mom …

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