July 8, 2023

Race Report: Superior Mile 2023


This year’s Superior Mile was really different from my experience the last few years! From 2019 to 2022, as a Town Board member, the morning was a well-planned and choreographed dance of preparation: outfits laid out, breakfast ready, and the borrowed convertible decorated, so as soon as the mile race was over, I could dash home to shower, change, wolf down breakfast, and get to the lineup of elected officials leading the parade. This year, I got to attend the parade as a citizen – which meant I had over an hour to relax, go grocery shopping, shower, and stake …

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August 21, 2022

Race Report: Flyin’ Fast 5K

Laura finishing Flying Fast 5K

On Friday, I flew from Denver to Albany, New York – combining a week of workshops in NYC with an opportunity to visit my family in Saratoga. But while I was there, I also decided I wanted to try to finally go sub-20 in the 5K, and I found just the race in which to do it: the Flyin’ Fast 5K, a very tiny no-frills race organized by a local running coach who wanted to give his athletes the opportunity to test their fitness before diving into fall training. It was planned to be a flat point-to-point course with no …

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August 19, 2022

Race Report: Holy Cow Trail Stampede 10 Mile


Well, I had that little burst of blogging at the beginning of July just before my France trip and then… it’s been busy. The trip to Chamonix was phenomenal. I initially intended to write up full blog posts on it, but I ended up sharing so many photos and a brief writeup each day on my Instagram that it never felt pressing to write a blog post as well. So maybe just check those out? To get the biggest FAQ out of the way, it was all booked through Run the Alps – a tour company that typically plans point-to-point …

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June 30, 2022

Race Recap: Reunion 5K


Earlier this month, I headed to Ithaca, NY for my fifteen year Cornell reunion. I cannot believe I have been out of college for fifteen years already! My five year Reunion was a ton of drinking. Makes sense… we were in our 20s. My ten year Reunion, though, surprised me by also being a lot of drinking. (Though that year, I at least made it to the Saturday morning Reunion 5K, whereas I woke up still drunk and skipped it at the 5 year.) This year, I figured that most people would be at Reunion with spouses and kids in …

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June 3, 2022

Race Report: Bolder Boulder 10K

BolderBoulder_2022_Finish (1)

After my last post, I thought I was on the mend. My business trip was mostly successful, and for about a week, I got my crying time down to 1-3 hours a day. That may sound bad, but I thought it was amazing compared to what it was before. Crying for only a few hours today meant that I could work, could exercise, could start trying to repair friendships… and it felt manageable, at least in the short term. Then on Thursday, I woke up at 4am in my hotel room in Chicago, crying hysterically. Why? I don’t know. There were only …

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