October 30, 2008

A dozen donuts and a 27 hour day

I was thinking about being Wonder Woman for Halloween because I found a cheap costume, but decided against it when I realized how thoroughly unoriginal that is (no offense to any of you who are dressing up as Wonder Woman). Plus, Boyfriend’s Halloween party had a “drunk animals” theme (yeah, I don’t quite get it either). However, I came up with a costume that is original and also fits the theme. I’m going as a Woodchuck, complete with a six pack of my favorite Woodchuck Cider. Of course, in the spirit of Mean Girls, I’m going as a sexy woodchuck… you’d be surprised at all the unlikely “sexy” costumes out there. My solution is to take a lion costume, cut off the tail, and add a mouse nose. Presto – I’m a woodchuck!

Anyway, that complicated lead in was just a really long-winded way to mention superheroes, which are the topic of the week over at Runners’ Lounge for Take It And Run Thursday. This week’s question is, if you could have one running superpower, what would it be?

My first reaction was to say speed, because not only would I like to win some awards, but it’d be nice to finish faster rather than spend my whole day running a marathon! However, since speed was the obvious answer, we were asked to come up with something more creative, so I kept thinking.

I started running as a form of exercise to lose weight, and it’s always frustrating that running makes your appetite increase. As Topher pointed out, even running a marathon only allows you to eat 11 glazed donuts… not as much as you might think (and if you go for my favorite, Bavarian Kreme, you only get 7 to equate the number of calories burned). I would love to have a superpower where running a long distance allowed me to eat anything I wanted that day, and still lose weight. Michael Phelps may complain, but his diet sounds pretty good to me!

Another thing related to speed is that I hate how long it takes me to do a long run on weekends: it takes away my time from reading, watching TV, and catching up on blogs. I’ve tried running on the treadmill and doing some of these things while I run, but it’s really hard to do both, and I usually don’t run my best when I do this. Therefore, I think the coolest superpower would be the ability to stop time when I go for a run. I would LOVE a 27 hour day! How do you manage to squeeze running into your life?

This post was written as a part of Runners’ Lounge’s Take It And Run Thursday, in which runners from all across the running blogging community come together to post about a single topic. This week’s theme was Choose Your Superpower.


18 thoughts on “A dozen donuts and a 27 hour day”

  1. I wrote something similiar in my TIART today: Metabolism Woman! Ha! Gosh, I would LOVE to have more time in the day or at least during night. I am SO damn sleep deprived!!

  2. I would love a 27 hour day too! I really wish I could read while running, that would make things alot better. maybe that whole podcast/books on tape or ipod would be a good idea.

  3. It’s hard to fit in running along with the biking and swim that goes into my triathlon training πŸ™‚ But it just comes to a really early morning – and a really early bed time as well. Thank goodness for my running group to do long runs with – even if your not chatting, it’s nice to just have someone there for those 12+ mile runs!

    Hmmm…woodchuck cider. Man, I could go for a few of those right now! Drunk Anmial theme is pretty creative – you’ll have to post some pictures!!

  4. omg the woodchuck!!! i have actually never tried this cider (and i went to school in vermont! ah!). but i loooooove magners, so i think i gotta break for the woodchuck. πŸ™‚ looking forward to it. also looking forward to pics from your costume + party… you’re posting those, right?! πŸ™‚

  5. supercute costume idea! very creative πŸ™‚ and I would love it if running equaled eat whatever you want!!! I mean burning 3000+ cal during a marathon might seem like a ton, but it can be blown pretty easily! haha Having a great Halloween!!

  6. Mmmmm donuts…
    Great costume (and Mean Girls shoutout) idea. Creativitiy points for sure.

    I’d love a 27 hour day too. If nothing else, just to catch up on some sleep.

  7. 11 donuts, I think, would feel like a lot in the end. I’m pretty sure I could get through 3 or 4 before maxing out. But I too have often shook my fist at the appetite vs. running problem.

  8. I run every morning as part of my morning routine! Something that has to be done! But, don’t get me wrong, i love to do it!!! It is just a part of who i am!!

    Superpowers for running…for me it would have to be the speed. I can’t seem to excel in that area. Oh and the eating too!! How cool would it be to be able to eat whatever, whenever!!!???

    Good post Laura!

  9. Great ideas…I would love to be able to eat whatever the heck I want. How on earth did I end up GAINING weight while training for a marathon? (Nevermind, I know the answer).

  10. Good superpowers. Maybe I would actually take more time to run if I could freeze time while I do it. And the whole eating thing… yeah, I like to eat. No, wait, I LOVE to eat. Haha. Good choices.

  11. Great Superpower! Only 11 glazed donuts for a marathon. That stinks….I want one for ever mile. hmmmpf. I would like for a 27 hour day too. I wish….

  12. Great post! I sense a theme, especially among women, about the time thing.

    My way is to roll out of bed no later than 5:30 (5:00 on longer run mornings) and hit the streets. Of course, that means I’m snug as a bug by 10pm…not so exciting a life.

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