October 31, 2008

I just "ran" a 2:00 half marathon on the elliptical

I don’t know about you, but when I go on the elliptical, I usually can’t go that fast, especially when I’m doing a hill workout or one of those with high resistance. I have to work hard to break 10:00 miles, even though 9:00 is my typical running pace. I’ve just accepted the fact that the elliptical is slower per mile than running, even if my heart rate is the same. But tonight I broke through that barrier.

Tonight’s long run was fueled by what else but a cookie binge. Well, to be fair, four (smallish) cookies and a cheesecake brownie. Hard to believe that just those could kill my calories for the day, but they did, so I decided I’d watch not just one but two shows live on TV, for a total of two hours on the elliptical. Survivor came on, and I headed down to get going – 6.18 miles in 60 minutes (9:42 pace), with me working up a good sweat.

Then in the spirit of marathoners and half-marathoners everywhere, I decided I couldn’t stop at an odd number like 12.36 miles… not when 13.1 was so close by. I decided in the second half of my gym time I was going to really push the pace. Inspired by how I was able to continue to push myself for all 4+ hours of the Niagara Falls Marathon, I went for it.

6.92 miles in 59:58, baby! That’s an 8:39 pace. For a full hour. On the elliptical!!!

Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it. –Lou Holt


6 thoughts on “I just "ran" a 2:00 half marathon on the elliptical”

  1. Hi Laura. So after you asked me if I was a ” marathon maniac” I looked it up, joined, I am #1140 and bought a maniac running shirt.!!! it came in the mail this week and I am kind of excited. Now I find there are 182 people on there that have run more marathons than me. I have along way to go to catch some of those people. So, what is your maniac number so I can look you up on their web site ? I also need to blog more, i have been too addicted to Facebook that I am not on my blog. The kids are all in bed so I am finally on the computer for an hour. Looks like a great race at Niagara. it’s practically the other side of the world to me here in Utah. take care and keep running faster !!

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