September 24, 2008

You’re never too busy to taper!

Despite the fact that I am now getting a really light workload (meaning, I finished my last project and there isn’t a new one for me to start because the economy sucks and if I don’t get myself staffed on a project soon I’ll be fired but who’s worried about that when I can spend my newly free nights shopping for a good deal on a plasma TV for my new bedroom), I’ve been busy. Too busy to post, too busy to even open Google Reader… but never too busy to taper. That may be an obvious statement, until you consider how my taper plan has been going:

Saturday morning: realize the marathon is 7 days away. Plan to do a 20 mile run in preparation. Get bored in the middle and stop at 10. Figure I’ll do 16 the next day and that’s even better preperation.

Sunday afternoon: realize I still haven’t run today and don’t feel like it. Also realize that the Best Buy near me doesn’t have the complete series of Da Ali G Show in stock, but the Best Buy in Midtown does. Opt to run there, buy it, run back, and then do some more loops after dropping off the DVD in the lobby. Realize mid-run that I’m running through Times Square and that tourists are the worst people ever. Curse a lot so they get to see what a “real” New Yorker is like. Again, cut the run short at about 4.5 miles (too busy to fire up the Garmin and see what it actually was). However, note that it was 2.5 miles there and 1.8 miles home. Hmm…

Monday night: do nothing. Almost literally stay in bed the whole day too while I’m working.

Tuesday night: realize that The Biggest Loser is on and that I haven’t set up my cable yet. Also realize that there are TVs at the gym. Do two hours on the elliptical for 12.5 miles.

Tomorrow: ??? Suggestions welcome.


16 thoughts on “You’re never too busy to taper!”

  1. Wow! That’s one heck of a taper.

    I loved Ali G!

    So that was you swearing at me in Times Square when I stopped in the middle of the sidewalk to talk to the lamppost? LOL! J/K but I have been there and it’s way tooooo crowded there to run!

    I watched the biggest loser tonight as well but I didn’t workout. I drank wine instead! Celebrations are fun!

    I don’t like the brown team, they need to go.

    I really need to go to bed and sleep off this wine buzz, it makes me too chatty.


  2. Hey there! I’ve been hooked to your blog for about a week now, and was wondering, what happened to the Queens 1/2? And updates on the personal training? Just curious… 🙂 Keep it up, and good luck!

  3. Jenn, TOTALLY agree with you about the brown team – I find the wife really obnoxious and whiny. Also, Heba from orange grates.

    Betsy and Girl on Top, I never would have made it through two hours if it wasn’t the type with a personal TV so I could watch Biggest Loser 🙂

    Brooke, I did run Queens, and my real life friend Becca is really mad at me for not posting the race report yet! I started it but am not done. I make no promises because I suck at this stuff, but hopefully I will get it done in a day or two!

  4. the fact that you think 10k is beyond me. and on a VACATION DAY? now that’s crazy. you deserve some time off! then again, you’re a pro runner, so you enjoy it, but still you have the right to be lazy! i take advantage of that right all the time!!! hahaha

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