September 24, 2008

When you want french toast, just call it carb loading

The boyfriend started a week of vacation today, so we kicked it off by going for brunch to my favorite brunch spot in NYC, Popover Cafe. Popovers + strawberry butter (low cholesterol diet be damned) + coconut macadamia nut french toast + tons of syrup. It’s 5 PM and I’m still full.

After a brief recruiting event at NYU this afternoon, I headed home to book travel for tomorrow’s trip to Ithaca for more recruiting. In the midst of this, I got inspired by Christine’s suggestion to come run in Georgia, so I started planning my Thanksgiving around the Atlanta Marathon. Some may think it’s crazy to plan for a marathon after the one you have coming up next, but let’s face it, the best way to convince your crazy self to sign up for another marathon is to book it while you’re all excited about your next one rather than in pain from your last one.

Anyway, potential itinerary for Thanksgiving:
Wednesday: Fly from New York to Atlanta. Stay with cousins in Atlanta.
Thursday: Run marathon. Eat turkey with cousins. Fly to Charleston at 5 PM. Eat more turkey with brother, his fiance, my dad, my little sister, and my stepmom.
Friday: Go to Charleston airport for 9 AM flight. Hopefully get bumped lots of times. Get back to New York at some point on Friday night.
Saturday: Have a third Thanksgiving with my mom in New York.

That’s lots of flying, lots of running, and lots of eating turkey. And yes, I will be eating turkey – the raw diet has kind of fallen by the wayside since I wanted to impress the boyfriend with my cooking on Sunday and decided to make chipotle chicken. I’ve still been getting way more veggies than I used to, and eating less meat than I used to… but I’m definitely not raw vegan.

Also, psst… Portland marathoners… assuming Akron goes well, there is a chance I may come! Will let you know.


16 thoughts on “When you want french toast, just call it carb loading”

  1. Your Thanksgiving plan sounds great! I wasn’t sure what I thought about the raw vegan thing until I saw a recent episode of Wife Swap. It sounds like a horrible idea. The family ended up going back to using their stove after the swap…actually, they had to get a stove because they had gotten rid of theirs. I think the raw thing is a little too over the top.

  2. ROFLMAO! Are you sure you aren’t going to be tired after eating all that turkey?

    That’s freekin awesome chica! How many states have you covered now? 😉

  3. Topher, check here. In deference to the boyfriend, I sauteed the chicken instead of grilling it, and used a good amount of maple syrup. I also found some cashews instead of substituting hazelnuts. It was AWESOME.

  4. OMG you now have me craving Sorella’s in Jamaica Plain (Boston suburb)…I’m from Boston and next time you’re there (next spring ;P) you have to check it out. They have wonderful exotic french toasts and pancakes….Yum!

  5. There are only 31 more entries remaining for Portland so there is a good chance you’re going to miss registration :-(.

    Would you consider doing Space Coast with me?

  6. love the title of the post! mine would be “when you want chick fila, call it carb loading”… hahaha and my friend, love ya but you are PSYCHO. maybe i’m just jealous that i can’t even do a 5k. haha

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