September 25, 2008

A new racing accessory

I spent the day wearing some really cute new shoes. I will spend the next few days wearing some really cute new blisters.

Damn it.


20 thoughts on “A new racing accessory”

  1. Can’t find a pic of the shoes online and I’m traveling, but they are maroon satin Etienne Aigner ballet flats with a cute little print on them. But they’re BALLET FLATS! You wouldn’t think those would cause blisters, but they did, on my heels.

    And Nitmos, the maroon does match my blister! Unfortunately I have packed my purple Asics instead of my maroon Brooks for race day.

  2. speaking of the Asics, do they give you blisters? I used to wear lower level Asics, but have been using the Kayanos also and they give me blisters repeatedly on the inside edge of my heel…think right below ankle towards the back an inch…just wondering.

  3. Good fashion happens. Unfortunately, sometimes that brings pain. Is it worth it? When you’re running a lot that is debatable. Luckily, the blisters will heal. Definitely let me know if you end up doing Portland.

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