September 19, 2008

Work can be funny sometimes

(On the company IM)
Ethan [9:36 PM]: Hey laura – quick question
Laura [9:36 PM]: Sure, what’s up?
Ethan [9:36 PM]: I forgot how to check my firm voice mail
Laura [9:36 PM]: I have no idea either – haven’t done it in 6 months or so
Ethan [9:36 PM]: me too…
Laura [9:36 PM]: I think Liza checks hers once a month – you could try her?
Ethan [9:36 PM]: ok, thanks

In other work-related news, I am still at the office even though I was promised we would be done super early today because of our all-nighter last night. I haven’t eaten dinner, and no one is even making a move to leave or to order takeout. And yes, I am cranky about all of this.


12 thoughts on “Work can be funny sometimes”

  1. 6 months? WTF?

    I’ve been skipping the group runs lately because they don’t start until 9am and with 15+ mile runs I can’t start that late. If you’re up for an 18-miler on Saturday morning maybe we can meet up at 8am?

  2. Just wanted to let you know that I whirled up a batch of kale-banana smoothie this morning and OH MY GOD it was fabulous. I wish I had started making them sooner when I was getting massive piles of kale every week from my farm share (it’s almost over– sob). I would never have thought to do this if you hadn’t posted about it. So thanks!!

  3. Yes, work does suck! And I have been spending far too much time AT WORK reading your blog! Oops.. šŸ™‚ You now unfortunately have me hooked on several others…

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