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August 15, 2008

Personal training kickoff

I just had a kickoff to personal training at my gym (to be trained, not to become a trainer. That goal totally fell by the wayside). I had no idea what to expect – I assumed she’d be putting me on a treadmill to see how fast I could go, or having me benchpress ridiculous weights to see how strong I was. Not so! Instead, she gave me this cool functional fitness thing that was really easy, but allowed her trained eye to see imbalances in my body. Here’s what I learned: My shoulder are very very narrow – I …

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June 23, 2008

Tonight’s hotel workout

Too lazy to go downstairs to the gym, mainly because I’m at a new hotel and I haven’t checked it out yet and have no idea if it’s good or crappy. Is there a TV? Is there music? Are there machines or just free weights? What kind of cardio equipment is there? Are there individual TVs built into the cardio machines? So many questions! I don’t want to waste my time walking down there if it sucks – heaven forbid I actually burn a few calories walking from my room to the elevator and then to the gym! So instead, …

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February 27, 2008

My Biggest Loser Workout

Tonight I worked out while watching The Biggest Loser, so you’ll get a combination of show review and personal workout routine. When I first heard Vegas, my initial reaction (even before they showed Bob’s reaction), was… what kind of reward is that? If you’re trying to lose weight, Vegas is NOT where you want to go. I would have rather seen a reward of “you can go to Vegas OR you can make the other team go.” It would have been much more interesting. The Blue Team working out together was really cute, especially when they were all on the …

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