June 23, 2008

Tonight’s hotel workout

Too lazy to go downstairs to the gym, mainly because I’m at a new hotel and I haven’t checked it out yet and have no idea if it’s good or crappy. Is there a TV? Is there music? Are there machines or just free weights? What kind of cardio equipment is there? Are there individual TVs built into the cardio machines? So many questions! I don’t want to waste my time walking down there if it sucks – heaven forbid I actually burn a few calories walking from my room to the elevator and then to the gym!

So instead, I did a quick twenty minute arm workout in my hotel room. No formal exercise equipment or weights were used.

  • Bicep curls, front shoulder raises, and tricep kickbacks using a big full waterbottle
  • Incline pushups on the coffee table
  • Bench presses of the coffee table while lying on the bed as a bench
  • Shoulder presses using the coffee table and being careful not to hit the ceiling
  • Pull ups with the desk (accomplished by lying on the floor and pulling my body at an angle, kind of like an inverted push up)
  • Tricep dips using the desk chair

Time for bed!


3 thoughts on “Tonight’s hotel workout”

  1. You can always swing back and forth on the chandlier in the lobby. Just kidding. It can’t hurt to swing by the hotel fitness center and take a peek. Actually, you can burn calories for making that kind of peek.

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