July 4, 2022

Race Report: Superior Mile 2022


Today was the annual Superior Fourth of July celebration, and it was quite a whirlwind this year! I had rebooked my COVID-delayed Run the Alps tour to do a trail running camp with champion ultrarunner Mimmi Kotka starting on July 5, and scheduled a flight to Europe as late in the day as possible… but that meant a very busy day before my flight. While I hoped to sleep until 5:15am, I instead woke up at 3:40am and pretty quickly realized I wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep. I tried to instead spend the time productively resting, and …

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July 2, 2022

Cultivating Caring


The last year has been rough. Burnout, depression, a massive wildfire, heartbreak, and the incredibly awful IVF experience that I still feel has ruined my life. I’ve been trying to come back from all of that, but for so much in life, I’m finding myself just not caring. There really hasn’t been much keeping me going; I’m just focused on getting through each day without any end in sight. I was catching up on email this morning, and finally got to read Emily Halnon’s July 2021 post, From the PCT to the Siskiyou Out Back. Emily describes going into the race …

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July 3, 2021

Weekend Recap: Misty Meadow Mountain and Vail Beer Festival


Friday was my company’s annual promotion day, where all the promotions for the year are announced, and we celebrate. This year, we were still obviously not doing an in-person celebration, but our local office arranged for a magician to perform on Zoom (and he was phenomenal, – I wasn’t expecting much over Zoom, but it was awesome!), and the national organization arranged for Keith Urban to perform. I haven’t really listened to much Keith Urban in a while, but I got really into it, singing and dancing in front of my laptop screen 🙂 Now I want to go to a …

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September 24, 2020

Race Report: Sangre de Cristo 50 Mile


In the days leading up to the Sangre de Cristo, I started getting cold feet… and especially when I started packing. Ultramarathons require so much stuff!! It reminded me of doing a triathlon, in a bad way – one of the things I liked least about doing a tri was how much equipment could make or break your race, and it seemed like that was also the case with doing an ultra. Whatever happened to just putting your sneakers on and going out for a run?! I toyed with the idea of just ignoring the “drop bags” (bags you pack ahead …

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April 23, 2020

My COVID Vacances


On Tuesday, I took a day off work and went on vacation… to France! Well, in my imagination 🙂 At work, we’re having an issue where no one is taking their vacation time. Not only could this be an issue when things start getting back to normal (someday? Maybe?) and everyone suddenly wants to take weeks of vacation at the same time, but it also means that staff aren’t taking the breaks they need to rest and recharge. Speaking for myself, I am busier now and working longer hours than I was pre-COVID19, and I know I’m going to burn …

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