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February 26, 2008

Running inspiration: Tasti D and blogger playlists

Yesterday I went for a quick Tasti D run. I hadn’t done one in so long, and Boston doesn’t even have Tasti D! I know, unbelievable. To any of my Boston readers: what kind of all-natural low-cal frozen yogurt is in Boston and where can I get it? I checked for Wow Cow and it seems to be in Needham, which sounds far. I’m living/working/working out in Boston proper, so if you know any places, let me know! Robeks is awesome but not quite the same as creamy froyo goodness. I had planned to do a really long run (17 …

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February 23, 2008

You’ll always remember your first time…

I started writing this as a comment to Audrey, but it was long enough that I thought I’d put it into a real post instead. I still haven’t picked my marathon, but I’m enjoying everyone’s suggestions. I picked up a copy of Fodor’s Traveling Marathon Guide, so I’ll hopefully look through that and pick a fun place. Choosing my first marathon (hopefully of many!) is a little daunting for me, because I know I’ll always remember my first, and I want it to be extra super special. I may be putting too much pressure on this, but I just want …

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February 15, 2008

Beautiful day for a run!

As much as I love Boston, I’m thrilled to be back home in New York. Today at work we had our “town hall,” which was our big staff meeting. It was kind of boring… so I made up for it by eating everything in sight. Since it was a buffet, that meant bad news for my diet. I started out kind of okay for breakfast… I got a big bowl of fresh fruit, and then a small chocolate croissant (estimated at 300 cals). Which isn’t terrible. For lunch, I opted for a huge salad with a teeny bit of dressing, …

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February 7, 2008

Races I Want to Run: Marathon du Médoc

This post will be the first in an ongoing series listing races I’d like to run someday. I’m not necessarily registering and booking my flights, but these are races that just sound great. These posts won’t be long or really significant, and they won’t replace the regular daily posts, but they’ll be around. Today’s was brought to my attention by Viper in his book review: the Marathon du Médoc. According to a Forbes article, “Every year 59 pedigreed châteaus with names ranging from Lafite Rothschild to Léoville Las Cases host 9,000 runners who set off from the quaint town of …

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January 24, 2008

Skirt Chasing

I haven’t even run my half-marathon on Sunday yet, but I’m already thinking about future races. I know I should probably be horribly offended by this, but… I want to be chased in a skirt. Preferably a pink one. And by a hot runner guy. I wish there was one of these races near me, though if I get on a travel project next, I suppose it won’t matter because I could go anywhere for a race. However, then I wouldn’t meet skirt chasing guys that live in Manhattan and that I could actually date. And isn’t that what running …

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