February 7, 2008

Races I Want to Run: Marathon du Médoc

This post will be the first in an ongoing series listing races I’d like to run someday. I’m not necessarily registering and booking my flights, but these are races that just sound great. These posts won’t be long or really significant, and they won’t replace the regular daily posts, but they’ll be around.

Today’s was brought to my attention by Viper in his book review: the Marathon du Médoc. According to a Forbes article, “Every year 59 pedigreed châteaus with names ranging from Lafite Rothschild to Léoville Las Cases host 9,000 runners who set off from the quaint town of Pauillac in southwestern France. Rest stops along the route serve them such refreshments as fresh-shucked oysters and grilled beef. Musicians serenade them as they pass.” And of course, you taste amazing wines all along the way. Drinking while running – that’s my kind of race!


7 thoughts on “Races I Want to Run: Marathon du Médoc”

  1. Your comment about the free food was soooo dead on! My fiance totally laughs at me sometimes because I will like put my roll in a napkin and take it with me for later…because I can’t stand to just let it go. It does totally go back to watching every penny for years.

    I would love to do the Great Wall race, how amazing!

  2. You DEFINITELY have to do the race someday! It’s truly amazing. I actually didn’t drink much during the race; rather, I saved it for the “Balade” — the 9K recovery race that also goes through various chateaux. And since we went through Marathon Tours we had PLENTY of other drinking opportunities. But there was no way in Hell I’d skip a sip at Lafite Rothschild!

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