February 9, 2008

Drunk on a plane

This was written last night on a legal pad and typed up today when I had time to figure out my handwriting.

Thanks to a certain someone who claims that I am way too healthy and don’t drink enough, I thought I’d write up a post of my random thoughts while drunk on the Delta Shuttle back to New York.

How did I get drunk, you may ask? Well, part of that is due to my aforementioned healthy nature. Today I was an exceptionally healthy traveler. for breakfast, I picked up a 168 calorie smoothie (I just started to write margarita – you can see where my mind is) at Fresh City. Though my review yesterday was a rave, today’s smoothie was unfortunately a thumbs-down. There was definitely some kind of fake sugar in there, which I instantly tasted, and it ruined the experience for me. Fresh City’s smoothies are definitely no Robeks (review of Robeks to come next week – I go there every day in Boston so as soon as I run out of other things to say you’ll hear about it).

Side note: the de-icing vehicle has a really bright light, and I made the mistake of looking out my window at it, which has rendered me temporarily blind. I hope the pilot doesn’t look out his windshield (do you still call it a windshield on a plane?) and experience the same thing.

Anyway, for breakfast I combined the smoothie with a nice cup of Trader Joe’s Healthy Heart Cranberry Oatmeal that I packed in my suitcase, good traveler that I am. So I’m at 328 calories. For lunch, I tried Quizno’s for the first time in my life (review to come when I sober up sometime this weekend). And yes, I really have never been to Quizno’s before – there has never been one anyplace I lived until Manhattan, and I haven’t really had any need to eat fast food in Manhattan. I picked the Hungry-Girl reviewed Balsamic Chicken Sammie, which was decent, and a side salad with 1/8 serving of balsamic vinaigrette (the salad dressing serving was huge).

We’re holding on the runway for a bit, and I’m really bored, and also feeling a bit unhealthy for the drink I just had. I’m half-contemplating some airplane aisle exercises, but that guy is kind of an idiot, and drunk as I may be, I am no idiot. Especially since I have a really sexy skirt suit on in case I meet some hot businessman on the plane. I don’t think aisle calisthenics in a skirt suit will impress my future hot Boston-to-New-York-businessman-boyfriend. Wow, don’t you love stream-of-consciousness thinking and its revelations of how pathetic you are? I think a lot faster than I write, but the alcohol has slowed my thinking so this is truly uninhibited thought here, people.

I should relaly be working right now. I’m working on this really, really interesting white paper that is under an intense deadline to be finished by tonight. Unfortunately, I really can’t say much about it, but I will divulge that the New York Times has expressed some interest, and I’m working on it with a bigwig in the White House… so… awesome! We’re planning to put out the press release next week, so once it comes out and becomes public knowledge I will def keep you posted.

Anyway, week in review: I did an awesome job being really healthy, and today I did so well that I treated myself to some type of delicious pear cocktail at the Legal Seafood Test Kitchen at Logan Airport. It was a bit strong, but the real reason I’m drunk right now is really just because I haven’t eaten much today (that was what all the food listings above were supposed to convey). When I get home, I’m going to have my leftover vegetarian chili and spinach artichoke dip. Superbowl leftovers are obviously perfect drunk food, and these particular ones are pretty healthy.

After I eat, I want to do an hour on the elliptical while watching either Survivor or The Apprentice, depending on what time I get home thanks to this dumb delay. (See, I’m a couch potato with my cheesy reality TV Shows… albeit a healthy one by watching on the elliptical). And then, I need to do this white paper. Which as I said is really interesting and fun to work on, so I don’t mind too much and will probably love it when I get into it, but it’s always kind of something to dread when you think about work. But my roommate works in accounting and is in the beginning of her busy season, so I think she’ll be working from home tonight as well. Work party!

Aha, liftoff – finally. That means I can jump on my laptop instead of scratching this all down on a legal pad. Looking back at the last three pages I’ve written, I just realize… I’m never going to be able to read this, am I?

Note: clearly I was able to read this, as I have now gotten it typed for your viewing pleasure. Sober, more coherent entries to come tomorrow. Including that four miler race report – I promise!


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