February 23, 2008

You’ll always remember your first time…

I started writing this as a comment to Audrey, but it was long enough that I thought I’d put it into a real post instead.

I still haven’t picked my marathon, but I’m enjoying everyone’s suggestions. I picked up a copy of Fodor’s Traveling Marathon Guide, so I’ll hopefully look through that and pick a fun place. Choosing my first marathon (hopefully of many!) is a little daunting for me, because I know I’ll always remember my first, and I want it to be extra super special. I may be putting too much pressure on this, but I just want my first time to be an amazing experience.

I would love to do NYC, where all my friends can come cheer me on, but I’ve heard it’s a terrible pick for a first marathon. However, if I travel somewhere, I’d probably be all by my lonesome self, which may not be the best idea just *in case* something goes wrong. I’m thinking about the Country Music Marathon because I absolutely love country music and it makes up a large part of my running playlists, but I don’t know a single person in Nashville. And also, as everyone keeps pointing out, it may be a little too soon for me to be prepared.

On the plus side, the CMM is the weekend after Boston, which would probably be really inspiring. I got word the other day that I’m now officially staffed in Boston until the end of April, and as soon as I heard that, I immediately said I needed Marathon Monday off. So I get to watch the most prestigious marathon in the world! My coworkers are trying to convince me to run as a “bandit”, which is apparently what they call the people who don’t register/qualify but just jump in and run (not necessarily for the whole thing). I’ve had friends do that with smaller NYRR races, but… I wouldn’t feel right about doing that. Especially not for Boston. I’d rather save Boston for when I can someday qualify for it and feel a real sense of accomplishment to even be in the field. With the slow speed at which I run, I will probably never qualify, but a girl can dream, right?

Since I’m not running Boston, my new debate is whether or not to get wasted like half the spectators (including the friends I’ll be with), or be respectfully sober and just enjoy the experience. Either way, if any of you are running Boston, let me know so I can make a sign to cheer for you and perhaps even pick a spot to take your picture and hand you whatever personal supplies you need to keep going. When I watched NYC, I came equipped with some aspirin, power gels, and this numbing stuff (kind of like BenGay) that I got in the packet at a race I did a while ago. I handed them out to my friend Rob who was running, and he was thrilled. It made me feel really good, like I had somehow helped him make his goal, even though I know it was really the long hours of training and not my two minutes of handing him some aspirin 🙂


8 thoughts on “You’ll always remember your first time…”

  1. oh the first marathon…so fun! I’m trying to decide on what to run for my second.

    I have done the Country Music 1/2 twice and I will say the spectators are wonderful and the music along the route is a lot of fun…but yes it’s way cooler to have someone there cheering you on.

    I want to do NYC so I”m thinking about putting my name in the drawing just to see what happens.

    The downside to Chicago is that it’s crazy flat…flat…flat which means you use the same muscles the whole time.

    Ok sorry I know you have tons of advice, but it’s so fun!

  2. my first marathon was in Amsterdam and those forget you never more of course must New York beautiful being run. In the Netherlands the marathon of Rotterdam is run also very fine, but minus most beautiful marathon so far was really on terschelling a small island in the Netherlands the most beautiful marathon run.
    Yoe can see the link:
    Terschelling marathon: http://berenloop.vvvterschelling.nl/
    Amsterdam: http://www.amsterdammarathon.nl/home/index.php
    Rotterdam: http://www.fortismarathonrotterdam.nl/
    Groet Rinus.

  3. How about Chicago (Oct 12)? I know last year’s race was a HUGE mess but because of that this year should be Good.. I hope! I registered for it 🙂 It’ll be my first Chicago Marathon and my second marathon.

  4. That would be so fun to cheer on a race like Boston. I’m doing Cleveland for my first marathon..because its my home town and I will have lots of spectators/family/friends. A bunch of my friends are going to do the half as well. I’m excited/nervous about all the training though. Will the Country Music one be too soon?

  5. How fun that you are gonna get to spectate Boston!! Are you also gonna try and spectate the women’s marathon trials…do so if you can-I was volunteering at the men’s trials and the race was absolutely unreal and inspiring to watch…

    I still say NYC is a GREAT first marathon!! It helps more than you think to have the home-field advantage.

    A lot of my teammates also really like the Philly Marathon in late November…another fast course.

  6. You can come do the Grand Rapids Marathon in October. The 1/2 way point is right behind Mum’s house (lol).

    I’m mostly just kidding, there is really nothing very “cool” here. Well, aside from myself :-P.

    One of my daydreams is the ’09 CMM but I’ll see how I fare this year.

  7. Glad you liked the playlist. I listened to it on the plane home from Vegas last night. I wish I could say it made me want to run, but I actually fell asleep listening. Guess it’s a good playlist for that, too.

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