February 23, 2008

Healthy Meal: Creamy Hot Apple B-Fast with Brown Sugar Crunch

In case you haven’t heard of Hungry Girl, it’s a website that sends out a daily e-mail with fantastic food product reviews and also some innovative recipes that are pretty healthy. They do support the use of Splenda and other products that have crappy chemicals in them, but for the most part, they recommend good stuff. A few days ago, they published some breakfast recipes, one of which sounded amazing. I decided that as soon as I got back home from traveling, I’d try making their Creamy Hot Apple B-Fast with Brown Sugar Crunch.

I used full-sugar Jello pudding, and skipped the Splenda. I don’t need my food to be super-sweet, and I figured the natural sugar of the apples and the pudding powder would be enough. The recipe was really quick and easy, with the only annoyance being that the Jello box lists a serving as 1/4 package, so in order to calculate the nutritional info for 1.5 tsp I had to dump the package into a measuring cup to see how much there was total (1/2 cup, in case you’re wondering). I had some granola in my cupboard that my mom had made for me, so I used that instead of crunching up a granola bar like they suggested, but it probably would have been better with theirs because my granola wasn’t very sweet/sugary.

Nutritional facts:
116 calories for the apple/sauce part of the recipe
105 calories for the granola

Review: 2/5
If you’re really craving hot apple crisp that’s fairly healthy, this is decent, and it’s pretty healthy for a filling bowl. However, it’s just not quite as good as I was expecting. The granola gets a little mushy in the sauce, which didn’t thicken as much as I expected. I think you’d be better off making the pudding the standard way and then putting apples in and tossing it in the microwave, and still adding the granola on top – would only add about 40 calories to do it that way, and it would probably be a lot thicker/more filling.


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