March 27, 2022

Reacting to Another Fire


Yesterday started out well. First thing in the morning, Sadie and I stopped by Red Rocks Park for a trail run. I’ve spent the first three months of the year either focused on fire recovery and not working out, or up in the mountains to ski, so this was actually my first trail run of the year. And it was a good one! I had been checking out several options on AllTrails, but most reports indicated that mud was still a problem. My boyfriend had suggested that Red Rocks is usually so hard packed it doesn’t get muddy, and he …

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March 7, 2022

Hello Again – After the Fire


Well, hello everyone. It’s been a while. Let’s catch up? (Warning: long post ahead. Consider it a makeup for the last eight months of silence.) Last summer, like many people staying in the same job through “The Great Resignation”, I started getting more and more burned out at work. Where in June I had a team of seven people, staff kept leaving and leaving, and by November, I was down to one manager (who was going on maternity leave in December) and me. Yikes. I was working 12-18 hours a day, in a slew of never ending back-to-back-to-back meetings. It …

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April 10, 2021

Weekend Recap: Fully Vaccinated and Last Ski Day of the Skison


It’s funny… I spent a full year not making any plans because of COVID, but now the last few months, I’ve started planning again (though usually not with other people). This weekend, though, I knew I was getting my second Moderna vaccine on Thursday, so I blocked my work calendar on Friday and made zero plans for the weekend. I was honestly kind of looking forward to my planned day off – a sick day isn’t nearly as bad when you know it’s coming and can prepare! I got the vaccine at 5pm on Thursday, heading up to Walmart in …

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November 21, 2020

Weekend Recap: Quarantined


My weekend unfortunately did not start off well. A few minutes after I woke up, J let me know that his son had a sore throat and wouldn’t be going to school. Although J’s son’s school is closed, J and his ex have chosen to keep their son in an optional program where he goes to school every day and does his online learning from the school cafeteria with several other kids, all masked, and then they can play together outside during breaks. J and I don’t see anyone outside of the kids, but we have long known that the …

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October 31, 2020

Weekend Recap: J’s Birthday


This weekend was J’s birthday, and I bent some of my own COVID19 rules to make it special. Now, with case counts going up quite a bit, I feel pretty guilty that I did so. I think it’s unfortunately time to lock down and go back to being as strict as we were in March 🙁 But! That’s a story for next weekend (when I started out Friday having a COVID19 meltdown… yuck). This weekend, on Friday morning, I started J’s birthday by attempting to bake a frittata. He likes savory things more than sweet, so while baked oatmeal is …

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