June 13, 2020

Weekend Recap: Hitting the Boulder Trails


I went into the weekend without many plans; just a hiking date on Sunday morning. But Saturday, in particular, ended up being a pretty amazing impromptu day! My morning started taking Sugar out for a trail run. My plan was to head up Rattlesnake Gulch to the Continental Divide overlook, but when I got to the trailhead, it was totally packed. I guess I will need to curse 5280 Magazine all summer for spoiling this quiet spot in their magazine… hopefully by next year everyone forgets about it! I didn’t feel like dealing with the difficulty of keeping Sugar calm …

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June 8, 2020

On Racism


I’ve been pretty quiet on current events with racism and inequality, and unsurprisingly, a few people have called me out on social media for it. To be honest, I’ve been afraid of saying the wrong thing, and that’s kept me from saying much at all. But that’s not okay – I’m learning that silence can be perceived as synonymous with acceptance and consent. While I’ve found it way too difficult to express what’s in my head in something short enough to fit on Instagram, I thought a long-form blog post might be a good way to get my thoughts out …

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February 24, 2017

Restful Nights and Bright, Bright Sunshine-y Days


I’ve written a bit about my struggles with insomnia lately – and I’m still really not sure what’s going on. I had originally attributed it to my East Coast travel, but last Friday morning I woke up at 3:30am East Coast time (or 1:30am Mountain Time) and couldn’t get back to sleep. So clearly, the cross-country travel isn’t the issue, and I’m not sure what is. But the truly weird thing is, the lack of sleep didn’t really bother me too much. This will surprise anyone who knows me well, as usually if I get anything less than 7 hours, I’m a …

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February 13, 2017

Weekend Recap: Fail to Plan and Plan to Fail


This weekend started off pretty fabulously. On Friday afternoon, I learned that I’ve been selected as one of BizWest Magazine’s “40 Under Forty” – a huge honor that I still can’t believe I’ve received! Fortunately, I already had plans for a Galentine’s party that night with my best friends, so it was easy to pop open a bottle of bubbly and celebrate 🙂 On Saturday and Sunday, though, things were much more low key – but not for good reasons. As wonderful as my new client is, I’ve been struggling to figure out a sleep schedule that will help me …

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February 8, 2017

New Project: I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here


One of the best parts about consulting is how we move around from project to project, applying experience in one industry/situation to another. One month I’m working on a business case for a new product in the tech industry, the next, I’m writing change management communications for a pharmaceutical client. I’m always learning something new, and there’s definitely never any opportunity to get bored or complacent! That’s why I came back to consulting after a brief stint working “in industry” (as we call the other side of the table), and it really makes my job fulfilling. But on the flip side, that …

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