October 3, 2017

Weekend in Photos: Fall Colors in Colorado

I normally hate when bloggers post tons of photos instead of actually writing a post. In case you couldn’t tell by the verbosity of most of my posts, I’m very much a word person – which was further proven to me when I went to a game night on Sunday and totally failed at Codenames Pictures even though the original Codenames is one of my favorite games of all time. Fail!

But, the highlights for me this weekend were a Saturday morning hike in Golden Gate Canyon with some friends, and a Sunday afternoon trail run from South Mesa Trailhead – each of which resulted in some stunning photos of the fall colors that are currently transforming Colorado. So rather than write up the rest of my weekend, I’ll just leave you with these images:

This hike of Black Bear Trail started out pretty steep, which we weren’t expecting… but there were some nice views as we ascended!
The second half of the trail was not only a lot easier, but also had a lot more color right next to us on the trail.
This is what most of the trail looked like in the second half – much easier, but still a bit rolling.
Although we didn’t summit a peak ourselves, we saw several in the distance from the aptly-named Golden Gate Canyon.
I loved these sweeping open views we got at a clearing.
And in sharp contrast, I also loved this tunnel of aspen *just* starting to change from green to yellow.
This pic is from my trail run on Sunday – now we’ve got some reds in the game!
The rocky switchbacks in this section forced me to slow down… not that I minded with the views!
One final pic before it started to rain and I hightailed it back to my car…

So with that, “go fall hiking” and “go leaf peeping” are both checked off my fall bucket list! Though I may try to see some more colors next weekend if the leaves are still around. I can’t wait to get back home and see!


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