September 21, 2014

Links I Love: September 21, 2014

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/iPad and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


Inspirational Quotes From the World’s Top CEOs. (Hubspot)

You should be teaching what you know (even if you’re no expert). As a totally aware victim of imposter syndrome, this was a great reminder! (Crew Labs)

15 career tips from smart women. (A Cup of Jo)

Are You Sending the Right Signals at Work? (Levo League)

Why Rarely Having Meetings Is A Sign of Success. Ugh, I have definitely fallen prey to the meeting culture! My coworker Mark created some cool training classes on how to have effective meetings, but I thought this article also put it pretty succinctly. (LinkedIn)

This Is How You Write Emails Like a Powerful Person. (Inc)


Build Better Work Habits by Starting Small and Rewarding Yourself. (Zapier)

How The Most Successful People Manage Their Time. (Barking Up the Wrong Tree)

 You Don’t Have Time for Negative People. Nope, I sure don’t! (Time Management Ninja)

The Happiness of Pursuit: How a NYT Best Selling Author Took Over the World. I can’t wait to read this book, and its author, Chris Guillebeau, is going to be in Denver for a talk next Thursday! Anyone want to come with me? (Nerd Fitness)

The History of Cognitive Overload. (Farnam Street)

How I Rebuilt Tinder And Discovered The Shameful Secret Of Attraction. This is really fascinating! (Buzzfeed)


43 Science-Backed Health Hacks for Busy People. (Buffer)

What Does It Mean to “Listen to Your Body?” Especially want to emphasize this after my post on running through injuries – you do need to be careful! (My Fitness Pal)

Your Fancy Non-Cotton Workout Clothes Stink. (The Science of Us)

Why Multivitamins Might Do More Harm Than Good. Completely agree with this article – as I mentioned this week, I overdosed on Vitamin A a few years ago thanks to eating an already nutritious diet and then taking a multivitamin on top! (Greatist)

I really hate Food Babe – she is way too hyperbolic and I think does more to misinform than help. So I was psyched to read that people are finally becoming aware of how misleading she can be: Food Babe’s Ingredient Attacks Draw ‘Quackmail’ Backlash. (Bloomberg)


Do travel bloggers actually have direct influence on consumer decisions? (Tnooz)

Travel Habits of Americans: Social Media Is the Least Popular Method of Customer Service. (Skift)

This surprises me: Rich Americans and Millennials Haven’t Completely Abandoned Travel Agents. (Skift)

30 Secret Small Towns That Look Like Fairy Tales. (Distractify)


A Change Is As Good As A Break! 17 Little Things You Can Switch Around To Make Life More Interesting. Great ideas to mix things up! (Yes and Yes)

This is adorable: A guy’s ex-wife left him with nothing but bare walls and his dog, Jimmy Choo, so he turned them into art.

And finally, for a laugh: Piano stairs. I would totally try to play a song 🙂 (YouTube)

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