February 16, 2014

Links I Love: February 16, 2014

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/iPad and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


Let’s start funny: Reddit crowdsourced the worst experiences HR managers have had while interviewing job applicants. (Thought Catalog)

4 Ways to Get Yourself #Hired. (LearnVest)

Why I Never Tell Anyone My Age – The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Women. (Elle)

10 Ways To Be More Assertive and Smart at Work. (Levo League)

Poor Performance Review? 5 Ways to Respond. (LearnVest)

#Unplug: The Complete, Printable Guide. (FastCompany)


What Would Happen If You Improved Everything by 1%: The Science of Marginal Gains. (Buffer Blog)

The Amazing Power of ‘I Don’t’ vs. ‘I Can’t’. (Forbes)

3 Ways Elephants And Neuroscience Can Help You Make Better Decisions. (Barking Up the Wrong Tree)

Struggling With Perfectionism? Try This. (A Life Less BS)

The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right. (Farnam Street)

How To Fix Your Procrastination Habit. (LevoLeague)

Tired of Your Bad Habits? Here’s the One Thing You Need to Know About Effective Habit Change. (Zapier)

Long but fascinating video from Google Talks: Ariane De Bonvoisin and Managing Change. (YouTube)

HEALTH/FITNESS: Olympic Edition

For Female Ski Jumpers, Agony of Exclusion Finally Ends. (New York Times)

Talking Olympic nutrition with U.S. ski and snowboard high performance chef Allen Tran. (Sports Illustrated)

Related: Eat Like A Sochi Athlete. (Q by Equinox)

Were Ashley Wagner’s Olympics Scores Really “Bullshit”? A Former Skater Explains. (PolicyMic)

Team USA’s Ryan Miller: How I Recover. (Q by Equinox)

An alternate way to recover: Jamie Anderson, Snowboarder: Tinder in Olympic Village Is Next Level. (US Weekly)

And the recovery of Sochi itself: Sochi’s Challenge Post-Olympics Is Putting the Stadiums to Use. (Skift)


A few weeks old, but thanks to this awful weather, relevant once again: Canceled Flight? Stranded at an Airport? Try These Tips to Get Home. (CondeNast)

Why Pilots Land at the Wrong Airports in the U.S. (Skift)

Reckon you know about dynamic pricing in travel? Think again. (Tnooz)

The ‘Southwest Effect’ Changes as the Airline Evolves. (Skift)

This is a pretty cool new use of technology: Twitter feed warns Australian swimmers when sharks are nearby. (RT)

Quitting everything to go to Nepal was the best thing I’ve done. (Medium)


18 Ways To Tell You’re In A Relationship With The Internet. (ThoughtCatalog)

Valentine’s Day may have been Friday, but this advice is timely all year long: Why You Should Focus On Friendship This Valentine’s Day. (Greatist)

I found this very helpful as I continue trying to improve my style: A guide to making sure your blazer fits properly. (Already Pretty)

Adorable! Little Traditions: Wine Cork Memories. (A Beautiful Mess)

Learn How To Do Yoga By Watching This Dog. (Buzzfeed)

Finally, for a nostalgic chuckle: History’s Worst Olympic Uniforms. (New Republic)

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