February 17, 2014

Nice, en Photos

Sunrise from the Meridien Nice Balcony
Sunrise from the balcony of my hotel, the Meridien Nice
Why yes, I AM eating my way through the city. Tartiflette is one of my absolute favorite dishes in the world!
Ferris Wheel at Place Massena
Gorgeous nightime shot of the ferris wheel at Place Massena. I was entranced by this wheel for most of my stay, a la Christian in Moulin Rouge.
Nice Opera House
The Opera House, as seen from Promenade des Americains. (The main entrance is actually on the back side of the building, so that royalty wouldn’t have to endure sun on their lily white skin to enter.)
Nice Plage
Plage Opera, where I met my cycling tour group.
Eglise de Gesu
Eglise du Gesu has one of the most beautiful building facades in all of Nice.
Trompe l'Oeil
How many round windows are on this building? Correct answer: four. The two in the center are trompe l’oeil. Amazing!
Auer Sweet Shop
Auer is the oldest storefront in all of Nice – it’s been there since 1920, and was a favorite of Queen Victoria.
Le Negresco
This hotel has a really cool storied history – loved hearing about it from my guide!
War Memorial
I saw the war memorial yesterday during my run (it was right at the poit when I got a fabulous runner’s high), but was happy to see it again and be able to get a good pic.
Cross over the Sea
I missed the name of this, but the view is stunning!
Grave of Gaston Leroux
This is the grave of Gaston Leroux, who wrote Phantom of the Opera! Gorgeous cemetery.
Top of Colline due Chateau
Quite a climb on the bikes to get up here, but the view was so worth it!
Port of Nice
The blue, blue water just makes the port of Nice so stunning!
Lunch at Attimi
Stopped at Attimi for lunch today, which is known to have the best Italian-style pizza in the city. It didn’t disappoint! Super crispy and fantastic.

I head home tomorrow – race report from yesterday’s Rock N Roll Nice 10 Miles du Carnaval coming then, along with tons more pics from the race!


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