October 13, 2013

Links I Love: October 13, 2013

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/iPad and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


10 Traits Employers Should Look for in New Hires. (Under 30 CEO)

Adjusting to a New Job: 8 Things You Can Learn Without Asking. (Savvy Sugar)

Could you get fired for what you like on Facebook? New laws are definitely needed for the digital age! People like the darndest things on Facebook. (Market Watch)

Five reasons the office will become redundant. (CNN)

Should Your Company Use “Zmail”? The Case For Inbox Curfews. (Fast Company)

10 Ways to Make Your Lunch Hour More Productive. (Under 30 CEO)


If You Don’t Really Want It, Stop Doing It. (A Life Less Bullshit)

6 Things to do in your 20s to make your 30s good. (Penelope Trunk Blog)

I’m an Android girl but you Apple fans may find this helpful! 10 Ways to Save Time with Siri. (Time Management Ninja)

How to Use Systems in Your Business. (Lauren Caselli)

I’m really honored to be featured in the following post: 9 Ways To Spark A Breakthrough. (Huffington Post)


Beating the Boys: Will Women One Day Be Faster Than Men? (Outside Magazine)

I am absolutely loving Jamoosh’s series on “Running in Genes” – check out part two and part three. (Das Mixture)  And if you want to read the book behind the science, check out the review at Are Athletes Born Or Made? (Q by Equinox)

I’m totally guilty of this, though never caused an accident! Hong Kong Marathon may ban phones after ‘selfies’ caused accidents. (SCMP)

Boogie, a chocolate Lab, gains local fame and a medal for finishing half marathon. I bet he didn’t stop for selfies! (The Indy Channel)

Surprising! Lifting Works Only For Normal Weight Women. (Suppversity)

Instead: Can Yoga be Used for Building Muscle? (Life by Experimentation)

Five so-called ‘healthy’ snacks to avoid. (True Activist)

Related: Greek Yogurt Nutrition Myths. (Prevention Magazine)

Why Eating Fat Makes You Lose Fat. (Q by Equinox)


And NOW the shutdown has hit home! 🙁 Federal shutdown leaves marathons scrambling, even in NYC. (NBC News)

In other news: Magnolia Gives Films Pre-Theater Releases on Airlines With Gogo Vision. If this ends up happening, perhaps I’ll finally be able to chime in on conversations about recent movies? I am terrible about seeing them now! (Variety)

Time to put on your tinfoil hat: TSA’s new Pre-Check programs raises major privacy concerns. (Elliott)

Superstitions Abound in the Sky and On the Ground. (Wall Street Journal)

Myth-busting Big Data in travel. (TNooz)

Do you know much about funding at small airports? I found this review of The Single Best and Three Worst of the 2013 Small Community Air Service Dev Proposals to be really illuminating and interesting. (Cranky Flier)

Cool look at the taxis of tomorrow! NYC Judge Gives Taxi Drivers Freedom to Pick Their Own Cars. (Skift)

Check out this hilariously passive aggressive guestbook commentary: Natural Born Tourists. (The Morning News)

One more laugh (although it’s actually rather dangerous/worrisome): Apple Maps Takes Drivers on a Shortcut Across an Airport Runway. (Skift)


This Mom Dressed Her Daughter As 5 Kick-Ass Women Instead Of A Disney Princess. (Upworthy)

What’s Wrong With #FirstWorldProblems? I used to use this hashtag myself as well as #WhiteWhine before someone enlightened me. (The Atlantic)

Ohio Univ. Students to Classmates: ‘We’re a Culture, Not a Costume’. (Colorlines)

30 Lessons Learned On Your Way To 30. (Thought Catalog)

While that article made me feel old in a good, mature way, this one made me start to panic – pretty much all of them apply! 30 Signs You’re Almost 30. (Buzzfeed)

But let’s always end on a positive note – this is adorable! 20 Ways to Shame Your Dog – It’s Better Than Training. (Dogshaming)

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