September 1, 2013

Links I Love: September 1, 2013

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/iPad and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


The Unspoken Key To Finding Meaningful Work. (Fast Company)

I’d like to make this required reading for every new college grad: How to Handle Feedback. (Levo League)

Oof, I can be guilty of being one of these! 10 People You Don’t Want In Your Meetings. (Time Management Ninja)

Job hunting tip: Have a Friend Read Your Resume, then Guess the Job You’re Applying For. (Lifehacker) Great reminder to be specific in everything you do!

This is ostensibly another bit of interview advice, but it’s actually a great list of tips for any sort of video conference call. You’ve got a video interview in ten minutes. Here’s how to nail your message, feel great + SHINE. (Alexandra Franzen)

Where Is the Boundary Between Your Work and Your Life? (Time Management Ninja)

Surprisingly, a Shorter Workweek May Not Increase Well-Being. (New York Times)


How to Stop Procrastinating by Using the “2-Minute Rule”. (Buffer)

In a similar vein: Got a big dream? Start with one room. (Alexandra Franzen)

27 Ways to Achieve Your Goals. (And Then We Saved)

4 Ways to Make a Better To-Do List. (Learn Vest)

This uses a lot of fitness examples, but is applicable to just about everything: Screw the Small Stuff. Focus on the Big Wins. (Nerd Fitness)


Can’t get your motivation up? Here’s How To Prevent Skipping A Workout. (Prevention Magazine)

On the other side, here’s a funny little demotivational image: Why do people run ultramarathons? (The Boring Runner)

The 30-Minute, No-Gym Bodyweight Workout [Infographic]. Woo hoo – who doesn’t need this?! (Greatist)

Basic exercise question, but with the growing popularity of Citibikes, I see it being asked more and more: Is It Better to Bike or Run? (New York Times)

This one stirred up some Twitter controversy, and I agree that “normal” is a pretty nasty way to put it. But I agreed with some of the points (like wondering “how on earth do you not finish your dessert?!”) and thought it was a good read as long as it’s not taken too seriously / as medical advice. 5 Ways to Eat Like a ‘Normal’ Person (That Dieters Just Don’t Get). (Huffington Post)

On the flip side, the “it’s not easy for anyone” argument is a good one. Stop complaining and GSD! Liking Healthy Foods is a Choice. (Zen Habits)


Interesting read to learn about an obscure-to-me industry (they don’t bring in strategy consultants for these projects!): Wildcatting: A Stripper’s Guide to the Modern American Boomtown.

For more tales of debauchery, here’s What Happens to a City When It Joins the Ryanair Party Circuit. (Skift)

So many articles about the DOJ blocking the AA/US merger, but I found this one most interesting/different: JetBlue Could Be Rebound Airline for American or US Air if Merger Fails. The question is, how accurate is it?? December should bring some interesting answers.(Skift)

Bring this back! – When Airport Hopping in NY Was Cheaper, Faster, & a Little More Dangerous. (Atlantic Cities)

The crash of Colgan Air 3407 brought a lot of attention to the underpaid/undertrained pilots at the regionals, but this presents an even graver picture: Regional Airlines’ Pilot Shortage is Heading Toward the Perfect Storm. (Skift)

Tomorrow’s cities: How big data is changing the world. (BBC News)


Haters are gonna hate: Dispositional attitude study confirms it. (Slate)

And finally, my weekend to do list: 10 Little Ways To Live Up Summer Before It’s Gone. (Thought Catalog)

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3 thoughts on “Links I Love: September 1, 2013”

  1. Shorter Work Week: There is nothing “natural” about declaring a, let us face it, arbitrary number of hours to work in a week. Me sad; clicked on the journal article that was referenced and only got the abstract. But the premise behind the study I found interesting: it is not the amount of work that creates satisfaction, but quality and productivity of work/life that creates satisfaction.

    End of Summer to do list: I got a bike loop that I really want to do, this weekend seems like a good time. And about that mosquito bite idea; when a mosquito lands on me I love to flex the muscle that it is biting and watch it greedily suck my blood until the mosquito either explodes or is unable to fly straight. 🙂

    Biking Vs Running: Yawn. I really need to write a good resume and get a contract as a content writer for some of these magazines. I can’t believe someone is building a career off of articles like that. Hell, maybe I need to develop my CV and get a job at a university to develop frivolous studies. Oh well.

    1. Work Week: YES. I wish more jobs would be flexible about hours worked rather than requiring “face time” – it seems like a lot of jobs value the former instead of the latter.

      Summer to do: That is HILARIOUS about the mosquitos. I always feel them biting me but it’s only after the bite (and when they’re pretty much done). They drive me nuts and as a kid I hated going to the woods specifically because I was scared of them.

      Biking vs running: PLEASE do that; would love to read your writing 🙂

    2. I have to say that I am one of the fortunate few that does not seem to have an allergic reaction to mosquitoes. It would still be fascinating to watch them kill themselves through their own greed, but I probably wouldn’t do it quite so much if I got awful little itchy bumps on my skin. Post script: 6-12 year old boys can be mesmerized all evening by this “trick”, not surprisingly, of course.

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