June 29, 2010

News and updates

Oh yes, I’m here, just busy. I ran the Wall Street Run last week and have quite a story to tell there… but am optimistically hoping I’ll have time to write it up as an official race report and post it. No guarantees though – you all know I’m terrible about that. I’m currently wrapping up my project in NYC and will soon be shipping out to Dallas for at least the next few months – yes, back to the days of hotel cooking, water bottle weights, and trying to avoid the Consulting 15. I’ve gotten into a great gym habit lately (at least 4 hours/week cardio, plus at least 1 hour/week weights) that is hopefully going to help with that, but things are always tougher on the road, so we’ll see how long it lasts.

The big motivation for my post today is to let you know that tomorrow afternoon, I’m going to be featured on The Marathon Show as part of their 50 States Club show! The episode will be aired live tomorrow at 12:30pm EST, and they allow listener call-ins, so block the time off on your Outlook calendar, book a conference room, and sneak in there to listen and call in with questions and ribbing. Just please, don’t ask me if young people listen to me in a state of awe because I inspire them! Ugh, awkward

In other press news, tomorrow is also the day that my ad campaign launches (at least the online component), so I can finally stop being secretive about it. Get excited! And if you’re in NYC, get ready to see my face plastered on subway cars as fodder for young punks to draw mustaches on, because subway ads are part of the campaign. (Yes, my new summer hobby will be riding the subway and seeing if people recognize me). I think the print stuff comes out mid-July, but I’ll post all the details as things go live.

In other July news, my 25th birthday is July 10, and I’m turning it into a joint birthday party/world record celebration/ad campaign launch party. If you’re in the NYC area (or would like to visit), I’d love to have you attend! Check out my Facebook fan page for details. The location is still unfortunately TBA – basically, I want to have it at a beer bar, but it’s the same day/time as the consolation game for the World Cup, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to get enough space. If anyone has any connections to great beer bars in the city (Rattle N Hum, Blind Tiger Ale House, Pony Bar, etc), let me know – otherwise, I’m just going to pick a Mexican restaurant with tasty margaritas.

Finally, with the amount of attention that my record has garnered, I’d really like to redo my blog layout. I used to love its simplicity but now I think it just looks homemade and boring. Anyone have any friends who might be qualified and willing to help me with a redesign? I have a few blogs whose style I really like, so hopefully it wouldn’t be more than just a bit of brainstorming and then putting together some images so I can take the actual coding from there. I’m good with HTML but terrible with graphics (that is, I can’t PhotoShop to save my life). Any help would be much appreciated!


10 thoughts on “News and updates”

  1. Wow sounds like you have been keeping busy! I don’t take the subway much but when I do I will be sure to keep an eye out for your ads!

    Your birthday/celebration bash sounds like fun, I’d love to stop by for a bit! I am running a 10k that morning in Central Park but should be done before the afternoon for sure! Rattle N Hum is a fantastic beer bar, unfortunately I don’t have any connections though!

  2. that is so cool about the show!!! you must be so excited…im pretty sure that def means you’re a REAL runner πŸ™‚

    i love that you are going to get a new blog layout! i like the clean look too though. it makes it so much easier to read. maybe something in the middle. not tooooo busy but that really expresses the feel of your blog. i know nothing about computers…so im no help!

  3. Just found your blog, and I really enjoy its concept. How exciting that your face will be everywhere – I’ll keep a look out haha. Well done on your recent habits too, I’m trying to get back there

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