June 23, 2010

Back on the Wagon

Sorry for the six day disappearance – it would seem that I never get around to posting on my good days. Okay, not that this weekend constituted “good days.” I mean, they were fantastic days from a fun perspective, and from a Mexican perspective as well… but not so much from a diet standpoint. Saturday afternoon, I went to Mexican brunch with my book club, then went for Mexican dinner with my college girlfriends, then went to a dive bar and played Jenga all night long, reveling in the fact that I didn’t have to get up for a marathon the next day. Sunday, I went to (non-Mexican) breakfast with an old coworker, then Mexican brunch with my sorority sisters in the afternoon. That is a lot of Mexican food! And let me tell you, Mexican food is not the friendliest to your waistline. Neither are margaritas and beer (Saturday night) or all-you-can-drink sangria (Sunday afternoon).

But here I am, back on the wagon. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday I got in a great workout on the elliptical, which was good. In fact, Saturday, I’d say it was probably the best elliptical workout of my life – I was sweating like crazy, and finished sweatier than even when I finish a marathon! As far as speed goes, I’ve gotten into a pretty good groove on the elliptical. Back when I used to do it all the time, I would be proud of myself if I could finish with an average pace of 10:00/mile. I find it much harder to get that on the elliptical than by running, probably because of the resistance but also, I think it calculates distance differently than something like a treadmill. However, I actually had one day where in 40 minutes I was able to go 4.7 miles – about an 8:30 pace! Very doable when running, but I was proud of myself for hitting that pace on the elliptical.

Unfortunately, after a doctor’s appointment last week, the elliptical is what I am relegated to. After seeing a sports doc, it turns out I have tendonitis in my left ankle. Fortunately, he says it’s not torn or anything, and it’s in the smallest tendon (I would swear in the diagram he showed me it was called the “labialis,” but that can’t be right, and Googling around has not helped me figure out what it actually was). The prescription? Ice three times a day, Aleve twice a day, and no running (but elliptical/biking is fine). Supposedly I will be better in two weeks.

How is it that I ran crazy amounts of marathons for two years and only in the last month I got injured? It figures. However, I’m going to be breaking this prescription tomorrow night as I compete in the Wall Street Run to represent my company. I haven’t done a 5K in about two years… it’s going to feel so short! I’m hoping I can push myself to go fast, despite my injury. The question is whether I should wear my 50 state marathon finisher’s shirt to compete? πŸ™‚

P.S. If any of you went to the first annual Yoga at the Park last night (10,000 New Yorkers all doing yoga at the same time), if you were paying attention to the commercials from sponsors, you would have seen my smiling face describing how I got started running and now all the marathons I’ve run. My ad campaign is going to launch next Wednesday (6/30), and I can’t wait! Last night’s event marked the pre-launch with that ad being a teaser for the full campaign, so I still can’t provide any details for now. But get excited – I know I’m bursting out of my seat with anticipation πŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “Back on the Wagon”

  1. Chief, totally true, but they apparently INTEND to make it an annual event… just using their wording. (Though by how poorly it was executed, I’m a bit skeptical!)

  2. that’s too bad about your ankle. glad to hear it’s nothing toooo serious. this is my first time at your blog. i cannot believe how amazing you are! a marathon in each state?? that is an awesome goal.

  3. Wear the T-shirt!!

    Sorry about your ankle but good luck on the 5k.

    Small world – I started following your blog when I started running in April 2008.(I only do 5ks) I had no idea who you were. I read about you in the TU and still had no clue. Here’s the small world thing – you are friends with Danielle, who is the daughter of my best friend Judy (since 1974). I still didn’t realize you were the author of this blog til today.

  4. Darlene, that’s too funny! I haven’t been in close touch with Danielle since she moved to California, but she visited at New Year’s this year. Please say hello to Judi for me πŸ™‚

  5. lol! It’s the tibialous! Hahah your word for it is much more interesting. That’s what was annoying me in feb. Took a week off and switched to my vibrams to strengthen it and I was fine. In the week off I walked around in the vibrams to get used to them and I used the eliptical too.

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