August 8, 2009

Marathons canceled

It started when I was hanging out at Boyfriend’s one morning and noticed a formal invitation sitting on his desk. Thinking he had unearthed the invitation to his brother’s wedding that weekend in order to prep, I picked it up, only to discover that it was actually an invitation for a different wedding on a different date. September 19, to be exact – the same weekend I had planned to do a double in North Dakota and Colorado. Bye bye, double weekend!

Then last night, Boyfriend and I went to dinner with his mom. Boyfriend’s brother and his brother’s girlfriend (gosh, this is hard with no names… let’s refer to them as Boyfriend, BMom, BBrother, and BBGirlfriend) were coming also, as they were in town for Boyfriend’s other brother’s wedding this weekend. We made reservations for Citrus, this awesome restaurant on the Upper West Side that has Latin American / Asian fusion. Spicy tuna and banana rolls? After you’ve had them you’ll wonder why every roll doesn’t have banana in it.

while enjoying our pineapple margaritas, BMom told us that she had something very important to talk to us about, and then decided she needed a glass of wine before she could tell us. Uh oh. I grabbed Boyfriend’s hand for a squeeze and we nervously waited as she got her wine and took a few sips. Finally, she told us that we would no longer be going on the family trip to Arizona for Labor Day weekend. Puzzled, we waited for the rest of the story. BMom’s husband was sadly just diagnosed with prostate cancer, and is going to be in recovery from surgery that weekend.

Having gone through my own family scare with cancer a few years ago (my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, but fortunately made a full recovery), I was in shock for most of the rest of the dinner. However, when I calmed down later, I realized that no trip to Arizona meant no Albuquerque Marathon that weekend (I was planning to do a quick trip from Phoenix to go back and forth and knock off another state).

Both of these are excellent reasons to miss marathons, but I can’t help but be a bit disappointed. I really want to finish my 50 states as soon as possible, and I’m starting to see that others were right when they said that things always go wrong and you should plan to take longer than you think, especially once you start getting to the end of the list. Hopefully the rest of my (super aggressive and totally crazy) fall schedule will remain intact! Don’t forget to let me know if you’ll be any of the races and want to meet up 🙂


8 thoughts on “Marathons canceled”

  1. Totally agree with you Glenn, and I hope that came across in my post! I think these are REALLY valid reasons not to run and I have no qualms with skipping them.

  2. Glenn is right, and it sounds like you have a great attitude about plans changing.

    I expect that with all of the hectic things that come up in life, your quest for 50 states will always be there as a source of joy and strength in your life.

  3. I swear – you totally banked some posts and just posted them all at once, didn’t you!!
    Anyway, I am soooo sorry to hear bout your Bfriend’s mom’s husband. I think I got that right…but I know you know that the 50 state goal will always be there, but right now being there for the b-friend and his fam is wicked important. But it does suck for you – I know you have somewhat of a time goal.
    Hope things go better this weekend!

  4. There are always enough marathons – I’m sure you’ll meet your goal. Life tends to get in the way sometimes.

    Going through a cancer scare, 1st with my step mom and less than 1 year later my dad I feel for you and the extended “family”. Best wishes to the family.

  5. goodness that is a lot of cancellations in one day, but you are so right they are for the right reasons…hey maybe you could use the time for some practice runs 🙂

    thanks so much for all the advice on flights, it was amazing! I travel a ton and love it so it was all great!

  6. Bummer. I understand that you’d have a little bit of disappointment there. I know I would no matter what the reason.

    That said, did you already sign up (and more importantly pay for) them?

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