April 25, 2009

Pushing through it

I’m not going to keep you guys in suspense – Boyfriend didn’t come. He did help me switch flights so I’ll go home this afternoon instead of tomorrow morning. But now, it’s just between me and the race.

I’m alone, I got 3 hours sleep, it’s my first marathon in about 3 months… it’s actually almost motivating how many things have gone wrong. This is the worst possible way I could start a race (untrained, stressed as hell, without proper rest, under hot conditions, and all by myself with no one I know here for support). Will I give up at mile 16, or can I overcome all these obstacles?

In that Runners’ World I was reading yesterday, there was a profile of David Goggins. He’s a Navy SEAL who fell into running but now is an ultramarathoner out of the sheer desire to push himself to his limits. He says, “When I get to mile 75 of a 50 mile race and I’m completely trashed – that’s the only way I can see what David Goggins is all about.”

I love it. I’m the same way – I run because I love testing my limits and seeing what I can do under duress. Will I finish this race? Will I check Tennessee off my list?

Hell yeah I will.


21 thoughts on “Pushing through it”

  1. (commenting on both posts…)

    Yeah, $660 would be tough to swallow. I just paid $450 for my wife to be in ND with me in two weeks for the Fargo marathon – hopefully we won’t have as many issues as you two! Fortunately I am still flying so I just flexed the trip – score.

    NonRev’ing SUCKS. I’ve only done it once w/ my brother in law’s buddy passes and I swore that I’d never do it again. It seems like it is manageable for people who are by themselves, but if you try to coordinate with more than one person it is a disaster.

    Good luck this weekend!

  2. It’s too bad that your boyfriend couldn’t show up 🙁 I think men in general tend to sometimes put work ahead without even noticing it (my bf tends to act similarly sometimes). Good luck with the marathon, hope it went well!! And congrats to checking yet another state off your list!!

  3. Hi there Laura,

    Sorry to hear of your dramas, but I hope the marathon went well! Is that the one where they play music throughout the whole marathon? What a buzz.

    You have a great blog!

  4. I remember reading that same comment by David Goggins in Runner’s World and thinking, what kind of douche bag refers to himself in the third person even though he’s never won a race? Not even Lance Armstrong does that, and he’s won plenty.

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