January 13, 2009

Make like a hockey player

I’m halfway done with my Disney marathon race report. Sounds pathetic, but hey, it’s only been 24 hours, and that’s halfway more done than I am with my Honolulu report! Hopefully I can get Disney knocked out either later tonight or tomorrow, and then you can see all 110 of my lovely pictures from the course (I deleted most of the blurry ones).

Today I wanted to work out, but wasn’t quite sure what to do. My calves/knees are a bit sore from yesterday, but really not that bad. When I first woke up, I experimentally did a few leg lifts and pulling my knees into my chest, and other stretches that I could lazily do while still lying in bed waking up – and I felt fine. I stood up and was just a tad bit stiff, but not really much more than when I just do my regular leg/butt workout routine. Throughout the day, I noticed I was a bit more sore on occasion, but it was mostly when I first got up from sitting – once I’ve moved around for a few seconds, I’m fine.

Still, I didn’t think it would be the best idea to really give my legs a workout, since they got one yesterday. First, I pulled out my brand new bubbling foot spa that my mom gave me. When I started using it, it seemd unimpressive (the vibrations weren’t that strong, and while it did bubble, it wasn’t strong pressured water like in a jacuzzi); however, after I sat in it for a few minutes, it did make my feet feel better. After they had soaked for a while, I gave them a partial pedicure (didn’t touch the polish, but I sloughed off the dead skin – believe it or not, there were no blisters from yesterday!). My feet now feel like they’re ready to go! But no, the pedicure is not the “make like a hockey player” part of my story 🙂

When I was in school, one of my best friends, Kelli, was dating a guy on the hockey team (still is, though we’ve all graduated now). We would go to games together and while waiting for him to get changed to go out those nights, I learned that part of the post-game ritual is for the players to ride on stationary bikes to flush the lactic acid out of their muscles. I remembered from past marathons that when I’ve done some exercise (either running or biking) the day after a race, I’ve tended to recover faster. So I grabbed my book and hit the bikes for what was supposed to be a nice, light recovery ride. I ended up going a bit harder than I planned – I wore my long-sleeve Disney Marathon shirt since I didn’t really plan for it to be anything other than a leisurely ride, but I ended up getting a bit hot and sweaty.

However, I’m thrilled with my little recovery workout. I got over the slump of “oh I just did a marathon – I can take a break for a few days… or weeks… or months.” (You know how that goes!) Plus, I’m still 100% on track with my new year’s resolution to get some exercise at least six days a week. Brilliant 🙂

Speaking of my friend Kelli, I have one other recovery tip to share. Kelli lives in Mobile, Alabama now, and I haven’t seen her in almost a year – I miss her terribly! But just a few hours away from Mobile is New Orleans, home of the Mardi Gras Marathon on February 1st. And guess who’s now running it? I tell you, there’s nothing like signing up for a new marathon to help ease the letdown from your last one!

What are your strategies for post-race recovery? Leave some tips in the comments!


22 thoughts on “Make like a hockey player”

  1. Yoga is my post-race recovery workout…preferably Bikram yoga or power yoga. Both of these are pretty good workouts and fit the bill of “active recovery.”

    Congrats on Disney.

  2. Strategies for post-race recovery?

    Ummm… SLEEP!


    Can’t wait to read your report and see all your pics! I still can’t believe you finished with such a great time with all those stops!

  3. On the days after hard workouts and races and such I was always sore at work. I think you are right about the sitting around, it makes you stiff! Silly work! messes up everything!!

    I agree with the idea that working out the day after a race helps, yet i have not tried it yet!!

    I like to hit the cold tub/ice bath after a long run/race because it works miracles! It gets ride of most of my soreness in just 10 minutes of soaking!

    Congrats again on the marathon, the New Orleans marathon sounds like a fun time!

  4. I’m impressed with all of the good recovery work – it definitely sounds like you’re starting the year off with some great habits!
    I always go for a recovery run the day after a long run. It always feels so easy and just makes me feel happy for not just sleeping away the day.

  5. See you in NOLA…I registered for the 1/2 yesterday. Couldn’t beat the $140 flight either! It will probably be humid, but it will be better than this frigid weather.

  6. I haven’t had a race to recover from, yet, but I did play hockey for six years and we used to ALWAYS have to go for jogs and/or bike rides after the game! I also like doing yoga after long runs now!

  7. Wow, you ran another one?? You are a running machine!! Can’t wait to read the race report!

    Oh, my post race recovery is a short run a day or two after the marathon (maybe a mile or so) and then rest for a few days!

  8. Yay! My neck of the woods…we will have to meet! If you look for a hotel check out the Homewood Suites by Hilton…that’s where we are staying (many hotels reccommended on the Mardi Gras Marathon website are either sold out or farther away) it’s at 901 Poydras Street…marathon starts at 1500 Poydras so about 6 blocks away. No idea if it’s nice or not, but it’s only $118/night, so not bad. See you there!

  9. Alcohol seems to be the best post-race, recovery technique.

    It doesn’t make you feel any better, but at least you’ll get sympathy from the people in the office. Rather than the typical “I get tired from driving 26 miles” comments!

  10. Hi Laura! I like how you have a clickable link to upcoming races… lol. I guess that’s what you need when you run as many marathons as you do!

  11. The night after I like a long hot bath in Lavender, Oat flour and Epsom salts, and I like a to book a massage a day or two after – Bliss. I think you need to reward your body for the effort.

    Sometimes a walk on the beach with my dogs the next day. It works wonders for keeping everything warm and loose and relaxed.

  12. HAHA..funny that you mention it because i went to the gym and got on a bike yesterday too> Then the elliptical..then stretched. I’m still hurtin though..haha

  13. I look forward to your race report. I wish I realized you were there. I am composing mine for the Goofy Challenge. I survived and now my legs feel the best they have in months. Congrats on a successful Disney.

  14. Older gals, like myself are big on rest. Although I did walk around Magic Kingdom after the half and Epcot after the marathon. And I find an ice cold beer (or two) helps with my recovery. 😉

    Congrats on your Disney marathon!

  15. Pictures from the Disney races are the best! Looking forward to seeing them.

    As for post race recovery? Don’t you have to stop racing in order to have a post race? Just asking.

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