January 10, 2009

Getting happy in the happiest place on earth

I woke up in tears this morning that I had to go to Disney World. Yes, you read that right – poor me, having to go to the happiest place on earth! But I just felt so unprepared. I’m not trained whatsoever, I’m out of shape, I hadn’t even figured out any logistics for my trip like how to get to the hotel from the airport (I wasn’t renting a car) or what I was going to do on my trip besides do the marathon, and I hadn’t contacted any blogging friends to meet up! I just felt totally hopeless, and I was so close to calling JetBlue and cancelling my ticket.

But Boyfriend shoved me out the door (he has to work all weekend, so it’s not like I was missing out on time with him anyway) and off I went. I spent the flight still not terribly enthused, but dashed off a few e-mails to people and cleaned up all the documents on my computer (silly, but it had to be done)… and arrived to sunshine-filled Orlando feeling like a lot better about myself and that I had actually accomplished something.

I heard back from Andrew, a Marathon Maniac around my age who I met during the Tulsa Route 66 Marathon. Lo and behold, he told me that he was concerned about running Disney because he hadn’t run a mile since December 15th, and that he planned to just relax and try to take as many pictures as possible on the course. Brilliant! I quickly decided that was my strategy too, and made tentative plans to meet him tonight for dinner.

I also heard back from John, who’s in the Albany Running Exchange and had also made the trek down from the Northeast to run Disney. He generously offered to pick me up from my hotel and go to the expo with me! My hotel has a free shuttle to Disney, but I hadn’t realized that the expo wasn’t on Disney property, so this offer was a total lifesaver.

Now I just need to hear back from Christine, Betsy, and Chloe – hopefully I can meet up with them as well!


14 thoughts on “Getting happy in the happiest place on earth”

  1. I bet once you start running you’ll have fun. Take some good pictures. I’m going to try the recipe you posted in the last entry. Looks good and healthy.

  2. Laura, It was great seeing you again today, and really cool that we’ll be in the same corral for the start. Don’t worry about being unprepared — it’s Disney, how bad can it be???

  3. Oh you have to be happy at Disney! I wish I was running it this year so I can show you the ropes – HA! Definitely just have fun with this one… you will notice that all the characters on the course will have lines of runners waiting to get their pics with them.

    Good luck and I can’t wait to see your pics 🙂

  4. i know i’m ages late, but running a marathon at disney sounds like so much fun! sometimes i wish i could trade lives with you for a day or so. not that my life would be much fun for you.

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