October 17, 2008

Friday Miscellany

Today my student loan balance is officially under $20k – that means I’ve paid off $10k since January! The market may be crashing down around me but I’m still doing okay financially. Now, to celebrate with a nice (but inexpensive) bottle of wine tonight 🙂

We’re having a health fair at work so I got my cholesterol tested as a follow-up to my doctor’s visit in April. Here are my numbers:
Total Cholesterol = 156 (desirable is under 200)
HDL = 37 (this is too low; should be at least 40, with the more the better)
LDL = 97 (100-129 is desirable; optimum is less than 100)
TC/HDL ratio = 4.2 (less than 5.0 is desirable; optimum is less than 3.5)
Triglycerides = 113 (desirable is less than 150)

What’s frustrating is, here’s the list of how to raise HDL:
1. Regular physical activity (don’t marathons every weekend count?)
2. Lose excess weight (check)
3. Avoid trans fatty acids (double check)
4. Avoid refined carbohydrates such as soda, white bread, and white rice (I haven’t had soda, white bread, or white rice in I don’t know how long)
5. Use monounsaturated fats like olive, canola, and sunflower oil (I don’t use anything else in my own cooking, and I try for low fat items when I eat out)
6. Stop smoking (have never, will never)

So… why is my HDL still so low??? FRUSTRATING!

In other news, got my pics back from the Staten Island Half.

Me when I know there’s a photographer watching (but check out my long stride!)

Me when I either don’t know or don’t care that there’s a photographer – I am determined to make it in sub-3

Clearly a very strong finish photo

You’ll all be happy to know that I am taking a break this weekend and not running Atlantic City. This is for a multitude of reasons:
1. You all yelled at me for doing another marathon when my knee hurts, and for once, I thought I’d do the smart thing instead of the crazy thing
2. I’m pretty exhausted, and honestly, just want to sleep!
3. If I rest up this weekend, I can maybe do Niagara Falls with Chia next weekend
4. Boyfriend will probably have to work a lot this weekend and doesn’t think he can get away. I want to take him to get a couples massage instead, which is quick enough that he can probably squeeze it in, and it would be a nice treat to make up for him not being able to go away.
5. When I tried last night to call to cancel my hotel, I found out that resorts have a two day minimum to cancel instead of the standard one day. Of course, I called just three hours too late for that deadline! They told me I would have to pay $500 unless I could get the hotel manager to agree to waive it, so I decided it would be a sign: if they wouldn’t waive it, I’d suck it up and go; if they would, I’d skip it. They waived it!

Of course, this does not mean I won’t be running this weekend. Depending on how much I drink, I’m aiming for a 15 miler. Now I should point out that with most people, the more they drink, the less they run, but with me, the more I drink, the guiltier I will feel so the more I will run!

I’m hoping to get my Hartford Marathon report out today – stay tuned.


16 thoughts on “Friday Miscellany”

  1. Nice job taking care of your loan! You’re so responsible for a (relatively) new college grad. 🙂

    And I love your finish photo! Hey, at least we can laugh at ourselves right?

  2. Congrats on taking care of that loan. Here I am nearly 9 years later and still paying!!! So you lucky!

    Take care of the knee. REST up and come back even stronger.

  3. you look adorable in those photos! i love your cute marathon clothes 😀 and that’s really frustrating about your healthy cholesterol…..but it sounds like youre doing everything right.

  4. Glad to hear you taking a rest

    I am not a MD but here is something to google

    Don’t read too much into the HDL levels. If I rember my biochem HDL has some anti inflammatory properties. Inflammation tends to reduce HDL. So your running and knee problem could be the cause of the lower HDL.

  5. Yeah on the loan!! 🙂 Great pics as well! I just got mine back from my tri last week – and I’m grinning in every picture (I keep an eye out for those guys as well!) Pretty cheesy. I’ll try to post if I can figure out how to break the copywrite! But the stong finish is by far the best pictures!

  6. Nice pics, Laura. I’m glad you’re taking the weekend off to rest your knee.

    Thanks for your cool comment on my blog too. I guess I should expect a very LONG and DETAILED race report from you then, huh?

  7. Oh yeah, I forgot to comment on your HDL levels. I don’t think you should worry about that. As long as the rest of your lipid profile numbers look good (which it does), having high HDL isn’t really all that important. So just keep up the good work in terms of your diet!

  8. Wow, you know your numbers! Good girl. I hope your can raise your HDL a bit. But the rest of the panel looks so good!

    Great job on paying off so much in less than 10 months!! And good idea on taking a break this weekend. 😉

  9. Seriously, listen to the Lam…he’s a doctor and he’s a fast one. Hhaha…

    But yes, glad you are taking off…WHERE DO YOU GET ALL THIS MONEY TO APPLY TO ALL THESE RACES and TRAVEL? haha..just something that is worth picking and choosing…

    but yes, glad you took off…the knee is the most important thing, be wise about it and maybe a rest here and there is good. being on your feet for a long time does damage, so watch out, I still dont know how you do it…just amazed and your drive is amazing.

    Keep it going…but don’t burn out…it’s a long ways to 50 and a marathon is all about pacing!

  10. Well done on everything! Your knee will thank you for taking a break!

    I’m desperately hoping they’ll come out with a Volcano Crunchwrap. I really wanted a Volcano taco, but needed the Crunchwrap so I could eat on the train. And, now, the Volcano taco is gone. 🙁

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