September 5, 2008

A long-overdue update

Life has been busy, but good. I’ve been doing well on the “eat healthy fat” thing, and have discovered how enjoyable nuts can be. I think so far I’ve gotten healthy fat into every meal except breakfast, because for breakfast I usually just have fruit on the go. But Tuesday’s lunch was a humongous salad with walnuts and then olive oil and vinegar on top, dinner was chicken chili as my meat splurge for the week (I skipped the healthy fat there because I figured the chicken had fat). Wednesday, I brought tomato chickpea soup but then bought a pack of this amazing nut and soybean mix to go with it – I actually wrote a review of it for I Ate a Pie that will be posted on Monday. It’s cool to be a guest writer! Then Wednesday night for dinner, I got steamed veggies and tofu from a Chinese restaurant, but had some peanut butter sesame seed sauce with it – I know that’s probably some bad fat too, but peanut butter and sesame seeds can’t be all bad. Finally, big salad yesterday with nuts for lunch, then dinner was a hummus wrap and quinoa with cranberries and walnuts. Delicious!

On the exercise front, being homeless agrees with me – I’ve been going straight to the gym after work because the bf has been getting out of work really late and I don’t want to impose on his roommates by hanging out there a ton when he’s not home. However, his roommates are great – I went for dinner the past few nights with one of them. It’s nice to have new fun friends πŸ™‚

Anyway, on Tuesday night I did 45 minutes on the elliptical with only a few twinges in my knee. It felt really good to get back into some cardio, though I took it pretty easy at the beginning especially because I didn’t know how the knee would be. It felt fine though, so Wednesday night I did TWO HOURS on the elliptical, which is 11.9 miles! Again, only a few minor twinges in my knee – small enough that had it not been for my previous pain, I probably wouldn’t have even noticed. Last night I decided to give the elliptical a bit of a rest, and did 30 minutes on the bike, but at a very easy level – I barely broke a sweat. I just figured it was good to get my legs moving.

The big test will come on Sunday – it’s the final weigh-in for the Worth the Weight Challenge! It’s keeping me really on track to have the final challenge date so close – I keep thinking “if I just hold out for a few more days of eating healthy…” and thereby avoiding treats. Awesome!

Speaking of challenges, a lot of you are participating in Vanilla’s Shave Your 5K challenge, and so am I. With my recent focus on marathons and New York City’s dearth of 5Ks (NYRR tends to do lots of 5 milers instead), I was worried that I would never get a shaved time. Well, I’ll be in Albany this weekend, and there is a 5K Bagel Run on Sunday morning, so I think I may do that! This will be a pretty interesting test… I haven’t been doing speedwork or anything else designed to improve my 5K times, but I have been running a lot of marathons. Can running long distance help you get faster in the short distance? It’s not a perfect test due to my recent knee injury, but stay tuned for the answer out there.

Finally, in the spirit of the random link Fridays that a lot of bloggers do, for all you fellow perfectionists out there, here is an article on getting better at everything. Appealing, huh? That link goes to the last page of the article, which is tips for running. I found the running example to be not quite as good as the other examples they gave (like aerobics or biking). Can someone please explain the running stretch better? I am just not comprehending the way Deena Kastor explains it. Still a cool article though!


15 thoughts on “A long-overdue update”

  1. Oh, I forgot about the Shave challenge – I signed up way back in the spring.

    You should see a difference with the 5K times, ime. All the speedwork in the world hasn’t helped as much as just increasing my mileage.

    Take it easy, though, on that knee!

  2. awesome job on the eating! i put walnuts in ALL my salads, its my favorite part. also walnuts and almonds are very yummy in yogurt πŸ™‚ yum.

    so i see you are calling the boy bf πŸ˜‰ sounds like things are going awesome!! so happy for you!

  3. Laura,
    Thanks for all the great comments on my blog! I wrote you a long reply about book club food. Hope you get it through email. Good luck on the 5K. I’m doing one myself on Sunday!

  4. All that talk about eating healthy is pushing me to have a good saturday as far as eating healthy. I have the hardest times on the weekends, because of snacking too much. Especially, now that I am out of town and all alone. Thanks for the article, I’m already reading it. 2 hrs on the elliptical – Girl you are a rock! Way to go and hope the knee heals fast. Good luck on the 5K.

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