August 13, 2008

What really ticks off a consulting firm

I woke up this morning to find a nastygram (consulting-speak for an scolding e-mail) in my inbox. I’m generally a good employee, so I haven’t gotten many of these before, but generally they’re for stuff like “you haven’t done the required ethics training” or “you haven’t mailed in your expense envelopes.” Basically stupid stuff, but I understand why they get mad about it – it’s kind of important to the organization.

Today’s was probably the meanest, angriest nastygram I’ve ever gotten. It was sent to my whole division of the New York office – big stuff! The reason? Attendance at last Friday’s happy hour was low and we didn’t get our money’s worth on the top shelf open bar.

Now there’s a reason to get upset!


18 thoughts on “What really ticks off a consulting firm”

  1. What REALLY ticks off a consultant – I was unaware this open bar was happening. I would’ve gladly crashed it and ordered the most expensive liquor they had in order to make up the difference.

  2. That’s hysterical!!
    I remember one industry happy hour where our CEO encouraged us to go and expense our drinks…well that was the first and last time we were allowed to do that!

    A month later, we were told there would be new T & E guidelines 🙂

  3. Wow…that is pretty unbelieveable. If they were located in another city where employees drove to and from work, they might have a PR nightmare from encouraging drinking like that. What if someone got a DUI or worse yet, hurt someone and then told the judge that it was a requirement of the job?

    At least the nastygram wasn’t for anything you did… you were at the happy hour, weren’t you?? *wink*

  4. Lisa – don’t worry, I was totally there 🙂 Only had two drinks though… CLEARLY wasn’t doing my part!

    Carmen – it went out to everyone, not just me.

  5. Ya, you have a way better corporate teambuilding program. Us: Paper Airplane Contest with choice of Chicken, Burger, or Veggie Burger.

    Let my enthusiasm subside a bit, it’s going to put me right over the top.

  6. Life is so strange. Society tells us that drinking is not good for society. My medicines suggest that drinking is not good when the medicine is being taken. I wouldn’t have gone anyway.
    Plus drinking and driving is frowned upon (especially in cities like New York where driving is not the common practice) whereas in my Denver, the heat is always on.

    It sounds like the committee that suggested this activity was not smiled upon when the bill came in. I rather took it as a ‘spilled milk’ communication!

    The company that I work for would never have done it, though. It would not have been viewed as respectable. THAT is what makes the world go around!

    BTW… Thanks for the comment on my blog! What a lady you are!

  7. Seriously, I thought you were gonna say you got in trouble for something – and I was thinking “No, not Laura”, cause you seem like a good team player and all.

    Glad you did your part though!

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