August 13, 2008

Healthy Meal: Baked Schnitzel, Braised Cabbage, and Potatoes

It’s been forever since I posted healthy recipes, but with a week in New York, I’m getting a week to cook instead of eating out all the time! I’ve been trying hard to avoid high heat cooking and eat more raw foods, but today I had a craving for my favorite meal from Dano’s on Seneca. Dano’s is this incredible Austrian restaurant near Cornell (well, not that close – it’s about forty minutes away) that I loved going to for every special occasion – if you’re ever in the area, I’d highly recommend it. Anyway, I used to get wiener schnitzel, braised cabbage, and mashed potatoes, so tonight I decided to do a healthy version of that.

I found this recipe for oven baked chicken schnitzel, and I was going to do the baked potato wedges with it too, but then I got really lazy and just boiled the potatoes instead. I chopped them up really small because I was going to mash them, but then I got lazy again and just sprinkled the spices on without bothering to mash them. Notice a common theme here? Yes, I’m getting very lazy.

I had pork chops but no chicken, so I decided I’d make the schnitzel with a pork chop. However, I had forgotten to take the pork chop out of the freezer this morning and I didn’t have a microwave, so I ended up boiling it for a bit to thaw it out. Unfortunately, this meant it was also half-cooked by the time I breaded it to put it in the oven. After boiling it, I butterflied it and then ultimately cut it in half into two thin chops. Just as the recipe said, I used a bit of flour and an egg white for the first two steps of the breading, but the recipe called for cornflakes, but I substituted 2 tbsp Trader Joe’s Honey Crunch and Oats Cereal, which is kind of like one of those sweetened versions of Special K, and then mixed it with 2 tbsp of breadcrumbs. As a substitute, the cereal was great – gave the chop a bit of sweetness that was really nice. I used 1 tsp of oil to grease a baking sheet – you could probably get by with less. Unfortunately, the pre-cooking meant that I totally overcooked it, so the meat itself was a little tough. Not the recipe’s fault, but mine – don’t make the same mistake!

Finally, I braised some red cabbage by putting it in a pot along with some water and rice vinegar and cooking for a while. Easy!

Nutrition facts:
370 calories for the pork chop (recipe here)
88 calories for the potatoes
27 calories for the cabbage

Review: 4/5 stars
The potatoes were pretty bland, but I really should have mashed them so the spices could have been distributed more evenly. The cabbage was fantastic, and the pork chop would have been amazing had I not overcooked it. And it’s a pretty balanced meal and pretty healthy! All three components go together very well, and especially if you mash the potatoes and leave some of the juices with the cabbage, you can even stir it all together to really make it delicious.


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