August 15, 2008

New week, new part of the country

Got word from my staffing manager tonight that a project manager put a hold on me for something starting on Monday… in Austin, Texas! I’ve never been to Austin and have always heard great things. The project would be for ten weeks, so that would give me plenty of alt-travel opportunities for marathons (too bad I already booked a ticket to Wyoming). But hurray! Now let’s see if it actually happens… they have until 8:30 PM tomorrow to confirm me or else the hold gets released. I’m putting odds at 60/40 that it will happen.

Yes, consulting is crazy!


16 thoughts on “New week, new part of the country”

  1. Oooooh, Austin is supposed to be great!!

    10 weeks – I don’t think that’s long enough, but you could think about the San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon on 11/16 and cross Texas off your list!

    You are still going to WY this weekend, right?

  2. Wyoming is next weekend (8/23), but yes, I’m still definitely going 🙂

    The big one on my list if Austin pans out is a double: Little Grand Canyon Marathon in Price, Utah, and then Mountain Air Marathon in Gunnison, Colorado. Those are 9/13 and 9/14.

  3. Awesome, I’ve heard Austin is great! Hopefully it will start cooling down soon!
    Kind of random, but I’ll probably be graduating sometime in the next year (never know when with grad school :-)), and one of my b-school friends was telling me to look at consulting. I’ve just started thinking about interviewing (I’m also looking at pharma and some other chem eng-related industries) I’m not entirely sure I’ll be interviewing in the fall, but I do plan checking out the career fair and info sessions for more info and to see when if I should interview this round. Anyway, I joined a group to practice case questions, and we have a few books but aren’t really sure of the best way to practice. In one of your previous posts you sounded really prepared for when it came time for you to interview.Do you have any tips or recommendations on how to approach practicing? I’d really appreciate it!
    Sorry for the super long and kind of random comment, but I just thought I’d ask!

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