August 1, 2008

Two days to go till the SF Marathon!

Recap of my totally amazing and guaranteed to get me sub-4 plan:
1. I’ve been okay with the water, though I could do better. I’ve been really good with curbing the drinking – had a few glasses of wine on Wed night, but nothing last night. The problem is we have a big happy hour today at work to welcome the new hires. I’m going to try to make myself feel all special and important so I don’t indulge (“no drink for me, I’m running a marathon on Sunday”) but we’ll see how strong my willpower is.
2. Yesterday I totally binged on this amazing rosemary bread they had at work, but I justified it as early carb-loading (yes, I know how silly that is).
3. Sleep is right on target at an average of four hours/night for the last week. Ugh. I’m working from home for the morning and am in bed right now – it’s very tempting to fall asleep instead of waiting for my coworker to send me some final data to put into our model.
4. I actually have been remembering my vitamins – yay 🙂
5. Did the yoga on Wednesday morning – might do it again today. The problem is my yoga mat is still at my parents’ house, and my apartment has hardwood floors instead of carpeting – I need to go get the mat at some point.
6. Early in the week I was great about exercising. Wednesday and Thursday not so good, and today I want to take a break anyway to rest up.
7. My latest diet plan (vegan breakfast, vegetarian lunch, regular dinner – but try to avoid high-temp cooking techniques) is having a surprising effect. I’m actually feeling full more often. It used to be that if I binged on cookies/pastries at lunch, it didn’t stop me from being ravenous at dinner. However, there were two nights this week where I ended up having only a bit of fruit for dinner because I had overindulged at lunch but STILL FELT FULL! I know it’s not a good idea to skip meals/only eat an apple for dinner, but I’m just excited that my brain is finally recognizing even the empty calories I eat and seemingly using them for fuel. My weight is the same as last week but I bet it will drop soon, as I’ve been doing really well calorie-wise and have stayed pretty much on track.
8. I’m actually getting really excited! It’s fun to have so many fellow bloggers also running the race or that have run it in the past – it’s getting me really hyped up. Makes me realize that maybe if I put more planning/effort in, I’ll have an even better time at the races.

So my plan is fairly on track, with the big question just being sleep. Had to work till 2 AM last night, and then the boy came over to stay at my place. Cuddling is the best but staying up even later talking to him is really not a good idea when we both have to get up for work by 8 AM the next morning. Things are going really well with him though, and we’re really compatible in a lot of ways. Like me, he works pretty ridiculous hours, which I know would drive some women nuts. However, I’m glad he does, just because it means that when he comes over at 1:30 AM and I’m still working and on the phone with a coworker (who is at the beach and is supposed to be on vacation but is instead reviewing changes to our financial model) – he totally understands, and doesn’t mind watching TV until I’m free to hang out. Tonight he’s trying to get out of work by 7 PM so we can go to a nice carb-loading dinner, which will be great. I just hope I can get to bed early – I need to leave for my morning flight by 7, which isn’t too early, but tonight is the key night to rest up for the race so I want to make sure we don’t stay up till 1 AM watching a movie or something.

On the subject of outfits: I was planning to wear my new pink outfit, but then yesterday I got my Marathon Maniacs singlet in the mail. I’m excited to wear it for the first time, but the colors (red, black, and yellow) don’t go with my skirt – I want to get a cute black one to wear with it in the future. Should I wear it anyway to show my pride at joining, or should I wait until I can wear it as part of a fashion-conscious running outfit? I suppose I can always blame the fact that it doesn’t have a built-in bra as a reason not to wear it until I’ve tried it in practice and know it will be comfortable to race in.

Only about 27 hours until I’m at the expo listening to Dean Karnazes! I can’t wait 🙂


22 thoughts on “Two days to go till the SF Marathon!”

  1. Good luck Laura! I’m so excited for you – it’s such a great course.

    The second half is flat compared to the first half so hopefully that will help you reach your sub-4 goal.

  2. Audrey, make no mistake – I’m definitely not aiming for sub-4 or I’d be setting myself up for failure! I’d be thrilled with a PR (meaning sub-4:14), because of the hilliness of the course and my lack of prep. I was just kidding about my plan because it’s so relaxed and not really what my plan should be 🙂 Are you still coming for the 5K? Will you be there for either the expo talks the day before or the BBQ after the races?

  3. yayyyy cant wait to meet you too! this race will be SO fun and so pretty! sounds like you are right on plan.. cept for the sleep – get some!! i dont know how you do it.

    glad things are going so well with the boy 🙂 soooo exciting!

    ok hope to see you sat! or at the start line 🙂 i will be looking for pink OR yellow hehe.

  4. GOOD LUCK CHICA!! I’m sure you’ll do fabulous! ;D ;D

    LOL, I know what you mean by the singlet (I saw Randy’s/Papa Bears Marathon pics this AM. He is also a member of the MMs.) I don’t know what to tell you . . .do you care if you don’t match? Honestly when I’m running in a race I don’t pay ANY attention to if other peeps outfits match or not. I just look at the cute sayings they have printed on their shirts or pics, and whatnot.

  5. Good luck!

    We went to see Ultramarathon Man last night, and based on that, plus what I’ve read in his book, Ultramarathon Man, as well as on his blog, you’re really going to enjoy Dean’s talk.

  6. 1 – You can always order a little water with lime and pass it off like it’s vodka.

    2 – Did you go see Dean’s movie? I saw it last night, and now I’m so jealous you get to hear him.

    3 – I rarely match in my running clothes. I never really care too much about that so I’m all for wearing a mismatched outfit. 🙂

  7. Good luck this weekend! SF is so fantastic, I’m jealous!
    That’s great that things are going so well with the boy! I love those times when you know you should go to sleep and you’ll be tired, but you’re too excited to be spending time with them to have any sense. 🙂

  8. Good luck. It is so exciting when the marathon is only days/hours away. Sounds like you are on track, try and get some sleep.

    You are going to do great. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

    And, glad things are going well with the man.

  9. Hey…went to expo today, and it was so fun. There were a few surprises, but I won’t spoil the fun for ya.

    Anyway, I don’t think I’ll run into you before the race. But will definitely look for you at the post-race bbq.

    I’m running in my Flyers garb, but post-race look for my grey bandana-to go with the grey SFM ’08 marathon jacket I bought at the expo.

    Weather’s perfect, so get here safe and have a great run!

  10. UH, SHUT UP! You are so the object of my jealousy right now. Dean Karnazes is seriously my hero. I hope you have a fantastic race!!! GO SUB-4 MANIAC!!!

  11. Maybe try putting a towel down for yoga? I don’t know…it still might be slippery.

    I vote for the coordinated outfit because if the maniac singlet causes unforeseen problems that would be so irritating.

    Glad to hear things with your boy are going well!

    HAVE FUN!!!

  12. Good luck girl! I’m always for the fashion conscious running outfits, but I say, wear what makes you most comfortable. After all, 26 miles is worth wearing the outfit that makes you most comfy, happy and confident. Have fun in SF!

  13. wow, have a safe flight tomorrow!!! i’m sure you’re going to do great. i love your sub-4 plan. hehe. and if you wear your marathon maniacs shirt, you’ll be much easier for me to spot you. 🙂

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