May 29, 2008

Wednesday night updates

Just got home from dinner, and I really really want dessert. We went for Indian food, and everyone decided it would be a good idea to have one person order a ton of stuff for the whole table to share. I was a complete snob and ordered something separate, so that I could ask for it without butter. I’m actually being really good about this whole “no food” list thanks to my cholesterol, and it’s making me more assertive about what I eat. However, we didn’t get dessert and I really really want it. Room service only has really unhealthy stuff, but there is a grocery store a five minute walk away, so I’m trying to get up the energy to trek over there and pick up something at least slightly healthy. Like a pint of low fat Ben & Jerry’s.

Speaking of Ben & Jerry’s, I’m still working on my race report. I’m doing a mile by mile thing (yeah, I know how excited you all are to read page after page of my random thoughts while running), and I’m up to mile 10, so hopefully I’ll have time to finish it up tomorrow. And then on Friday I can finish my Providence half race report. Better 30 days late than never, right?

Update on my right hip: it’s much, much better. It’s still a little sore today, but nothing like the craziness that was Sunday/Monday (meaning unable to even turn over in bed without physically picking up my leg with my hands to readjust). I posted on the forums at Runner’s World and found someone else who had done the Vermont City Marathon, and she agreed with me that the pitched road from miles 4-8 was awful, so I’m hoping it was just that and not some kind of chronic imbalance in my running.

I’m debating going with my original plan to do the Freihofer’s Run for Women 5K on Saturday morning. However, if I do decide to run, there is another option as well: Riley’s Run is a really small 5K that’s also going on in Albany that morning. Since all the women in Albany will be doing the Freihofer’s, my diabolical plan is to do Riley’s Run and take first place in my age group by virtue of being the only woman running! I tried to convince Marcy to play along, but she signed up for the Freihofer’s a few weeks ago. Anyway, she may still have the right idea, being as the Freihofer’s gives you boxes of cookies at the end of that race. The other factors are that the Freihofer’s has tons of elites (Kenyans!) and tons of spectators, which is great, but last year I ran a 34 minute 5K (about 7 minutes slower than my usual at the time) simply because it’s so crowded that you can’t really run for the first half mile or so. It would be cool to do the same race again and get better (I’ve never done a race twice yet!), but I’m certainly not going to be able to Shave My 5K or anything. With Riley’s Run, I might stand a chance of that.

One other advice question. Has anyone done Running With the Devil? I’m not stupid enough to attempt the full marathon in 90 degree temperatures, but I thought the half could be a fun challenge. My only concern is “heat training.” Do you think it will count if I crank up the heat in my hotel room and then hit the treadmill? Or do I need to take some trips down south for training beforehand? Finally, I have done some stupid things before (see: running a marathon on next to no training simply because they offer free ice cream at the end), but would this be the one that finally kills me?


7 thoughts on “Wednesday night updates”

  1. Hi Laura! First, congrats on your marathon. It’s a great accomplishment and you should be very proud. Can’t wait for the race report.

    Second, it’s great that your hip is healing. I think the shock of the marathon is a shock to the body and it takes a few days for everything to function again properly. I remember very vividly that I had so many pains in so many places that I never had before. That, and I had leg cramps for the very first time…but that’s a different story for another day. The point is that the hip thing might just be temporary.

    Third – For training in hot weather, I don’t think turning up the heat to run in the treadmill is such a good idea. For one thing, treadmill running is somewhat passive which isn’t the case when you’re on the open road. I’d suggest a few runs in high noon on the weekends. Just be careful and put on plenty of sunblock… especially since you have such strong allergies to solar radiation.

    Anyway, just my two cents. Hope it helps. Congrats again on your marathon!

  2. I hear you on the hip pain! Sadly, mine is the result of a 10K with sloping roads rather than your much more awesome marathon. 🙁 Someday I may be hardcore like you.

    Rest up and take care of yourself. I’ll try to do the same. 🙂

  3. Hon, you live on the Eastern seaboard. You can get all the heat training you want by just training outside all summer.

    Looking forward to the race report, and glad to hear your hip is better.

  4. Thanks everyone for the advice and hip sympathy!

    Mindy, as great as cholesterol-free sounds, I really don’t want there to be more things that I’d have to put on my no-list. Animal products taste pretty delicious.

  5. Laura

    I stumbled across you blog. A few friends and I are doing the Devil. We are also from the east coast and are doing the sauna as part of our training. I am planning to do the 50 miler but we will have 1 or 2 people doing the half. We are all 4 hour + marathoners.

    I did the Angel run in January. The course is rolling hills with nothing too serious but there won’t be one speck of shade for the entire course. I will be writing about our training on my blog

    Hope to see you at the race.

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