April 1, 2008

Monday evening at the Westin check-in desk

Westin Reservation Clerk: “How was your weekend?”

Me: “It was great; how was yours?”

WRC: “Good! And how is the training going?”

Me: “Oh, I’m not here for any training… I’m a consultant and my client is in Boston… that’s why I’m here.”

WRC: “No, I know that. I mean how is training for the (Boston) Marathon going? Only a few weeks away!”

Me: “Ummmm… really well. Yeah, I am all set for Boston. I did a 10 mile run yesterday.”

WRC: “Wow, 10 miles!!! I can’t believe you can run that far!!!”

…except that if I were actually running the Boston Marathon I’d have to do two and half times that. And I’d have to do it at the same pace I’m running my ten miles now. Actually, faster. And I’d have to have already done that in one official race in order to qualify. I’m just waiting for the day when someone asks me if I’m going to win the Marathon. Still, it’s kind of fun to be a mini-celebrity here and have the whole staff think I’m a serious runner. And who knows, that may be the reason I get priority booking into the WestinWorkout room every week. I’m certainly not going to come clean if it means losing my treadmill. Therefore, I closed the conversation with:

“Yeah, I’m actually traveling down to South Carolina this weekend for a short race. I haven’t really trained much in heat, but it will be a good kick off to the summer racing season.”

If they only knew that I plan races around when there will be no one else in my age group to compete with for an age group medal


4 thoughts on “Monday evening at the Westin check-in desk”

  1. You will have a blast in Charleston! I have some friends driving up for that race…and would maybe consider it if I wasn’t still recovering from the marathon. I don’t think my body could take anymore “hills” at this point..you’ll hear about it in the official race report..haha.

  2. well ya know…you got the build up now..you know everything leading up to it..and you wont be bored by the time the good parts come (and believe me…its good!) I can’t wait for you to finally pick a marathon already..if this girl can do it in 3 months..you certainly can!

  3. That’s a good one, it never fails to amaze me what people who don’t (but of course could)run think when we tell them we run 5, 10, 20+ miles, enjoy your celebrity.

    Oh and winning you AG, you have to so do it!

  4. Hey Laura, just now catching up on your blog! Great posts these last few days that I’ve missed reading.

    As far as Charleston goes, I did the exact same thing. I plugged in the bridge into beginnertriathlete (where I put my routes in my log) and it showed about the same climb as yours. I can’t remember the exact number, but I was like “I climb more than that on my normal routes”. I don’t think it’s correct at all. The bridge is high, and although I’ve only driven over it many times, I think the climb is more than what we’re seeing online. It would be nice if it was only 2.something %, but like you said online – they say it’s 4%. I was planning on going to the gym sometime this week and run the treadmill at a 4% just to get an idea. I am SOOO looking forward to this race. I lived there for 2 yrs and have lived 3 hrs from there for a long time and have never done it.

    Do you still like the beck solution book? I bought it the other day and am in chapter 2 right now. So far, so good. Great reviews online for it.

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