April 1, 2008

Food Fight

I really hate April Fool’s Day because it’s a day when I get tricked a thousand times (like by this morning’s Gmail Custom Time announcement, which I was all set to write a protest e-mail about until I realized it was April 1). If you tell me something, I will believe what you say – unless you give me a reason not to trust you. Some people would say that I am extremely gullible, but I see trust as a good thing.

Anyway, you are not going to get any kind of trick post from me today, but I will share something kind of whimsical. Here is a 5.5 minute video (sound not necessary) chronicling the history of warfare from World War II to the present. That sounds pretty heavy, I know, but each of the armies/countries is represented by their traditional food, resulting in a huge food fight. Kind of amusing.

If you do want to get serious though, I’ll note that using food to show our wars kind of illustrates realize how stupid war is. Also, I find it pretty sad that the US is represented by hamburgers and chicken nuggets.


3 thoughts on “Food Fight”

  1. at least now you can send yourself an e-mail yesterday to warn yourself about all the pranks today. thanks for the video link–well done.

  2. Wow. Saw the virtual google time thing – thought that it was the most ridiculous / dangerous thing ever created…and never once connected it April Fools until now. I’ve been duped!

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