January 31, 2008

You Know You’re a Crazy Running Blogger When… #1

Inspired by Jessica’s list of Things I’ve Learned from Blogging, and Half-Fast’s Advice for New Runners, I thought I’d start a series of posts called “You Know You’re a Crazy Running Blogger When.” Rather than one list, I’ll add a short post every time I get inspired. Today’s topic? Googling for other people who ran the same race as you.

It all started when I checked my StatCounter and found that someone had gotten to my blog by searching for Manhattan Half-Marathon 2008. What a great idea! I’d love to see what some other crazy running bloggers thought of the race. So I too Googled it, and came upon several race reports. Now I have lots more blogs to keep busy with reading — hi to Beast, Birch and Admin, TK, Jenny, Doug, Andy, and Elizabeth. Admittedly I haven’t learned all about everyone yet (or in some cases, even their real names), but they’re all now in my Google Reader so I’m sure it will happen soon.

In a strange coincidence, Doug and I finished at about the same time, and he thinks he may have seen my blue jacket. He’s probably just being nice because I suggested that maybe we were crossing the finish simultaneously, but that would still be cool to make a friend by finding them online after a race! It sounds like everyone had some problems with the hills and feeling slow, which makes me feel like I was in good company! Also, a lot of these people seem to do tris, so maybe to fit in with the NYC crazy blogging community I need to start swimming and biking more? Actually, two summers ago I was into all three and was planning to do a (sprint) triathlon at some point. Then senior year of college and alcoholism happened, so… 🙂

The running blogging community is funny. I didn’t really know where to look when I started reading blogs (this was before I started writing my own), so I actually came across a lot of different ones, and noticed something. There are a few different circles, not necessarily distinguished by any one characteristic, but everyone in those circles reads and comments on everyone else’s blogs within that circle and it’s rare to go outside that loop. I think that just means that everyone finds new blogs by looking through the comments of what they already read. Should I take that as a sign that no one else is crazy like me and Googles the races they’ve done?


14 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Crazy Running Blogger When… #1”

  1. This is funny … I, too, am becoming obsessed with the Running Blogging community. Hey, congrats on your first half marathon!! Are you planning on doing Brooklyn in April by any chance? I’m planning to sign up for that one.

  2. As someone who’s been a running blogger for over 2 years, I too have definitely looked for race reports from races that I’ve done (I prefer to use Technorati to search for blogs and blog posts) And another blogger used to have a “Rundown” of race reports on his blog…which has since gone by the wayside…

  3. I’m an incessant clicker. If someone says something happy on blog comments, I click ’em and see what they are all about :-). Especially right now as I’m just starting out doing the whole running+blogging thing and all. You’re fun and you eat cool stuff like I do. I appreciate that!

  4. heya – you’re right on about the whole clicking on the commentors thing. Just looking at people who have commented on the post alone I notice a few familiar faces/blogs! A small community indeed!!

  5. New to the world of runners who blogI have to admit I am more of a podcast-listening runner. I mean, if I had to pick my serialized, web-based poison, that is. But, maybe that will all change as I become more & more entrenched in the fabulous, fit world of runners who blog.

    Karen, thanks for finding my blog before I have even officially forwarded the link to my husband, my running buddies, and my employer. (No, I’m not being sarcastic. Well, maybe just the part about sharing my blog with my employer.)

  6. I like that idea of looking up races you’ve done. I rank high for the Great Midwest Relay and found some interesting write-ups.

    Keep up the great work. I love the “crazy running blogger” idea.

    Average Joggler
    Perry, 44

  7. Amanda M, I’m going to try to do all five of the half-marathons (though that may change after I do the Bronx next weekend, depending on how it goes). We’ll have to meet up!

    Nyflygirl, thanks for the Technorati link! Now to find more people who did the Manhattan half…

  8. that whole circles thing? so true! a friend of mine came up with a name for it: TRIBES! we’re all in different tribes, and then if you think about it, there are actually tribal leaders!

    and you think you’re a crazy running blogger…

  9. Ok – how the heck did I miss this post before? DOY.

    I have never googled a race to see fellow racers but you better believe your sweety patooty that I am going to do it from NOW ON! Thassss right!!

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