January 9, 2008

Healthy Meal: Zuppa Ossa Buco

Today’s lunchtime soup is brought to you by the fact that I had ground turkey going bad in my fridge, and this soup called for various ground meats, for which I figured I could substitute turkey.

The recipe was supposed to make 4 bowls, and I cut it in half, therefore expecting to get 2 bowls. Instead, I got 3 large bowls of soup. Unfortunate, because last night I alreayd had dinner when I made this, so I was already going to have one extra serving (after bringing 1 for lunch today). Now I have two. It is pretty good, but I just hate eating the same thing over and over.

Again, used my PDA camera, which is why it came out so weird looking. It’s really not a green soup at all (except for the parsley on top). It’s actually bright red, like marinara sauce. Maybe I’ll take another picture of one of the leftover bowls when I get home, so it doesn’t look totally pathetic and gross and sickly greenish-yellow…

Recipe notes:
I used ground turkey instead of veal, and egg white instead of a whole egg. I used Wegman’s Fat Free Grated Topping instead of fresh parmesan, which definitely helped the cals. And I skipped the anchovies for the gremolata. In fact, I didn’t really make the gremolata like you’re supposed to – I just kind of threw garlic, parsley, and lemon on top.

Nutrition facts:
383 calories for the soup (recipe here)

Review: 3/5
Nothing that special, but pretty decent all the same (I’m downgrading 3 stars to mean average, because I realized I’ve been grading a bit high lately. From now on, 1 means it sucks, 2 means I might make it again with a few changes, 3 is average, 4 is good, 5 is I want it all the time). So for this one, I’d make it again, but maybe try using fewer tomatoes, as the whole thing kind of came out tasting like a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs. I do like spaghetti and meatballs; just wasn’t expecting that from the soup.


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