July 3, 2017

Conquering My Colorado Summer Bucket List


This weekend was my first back in Colorado in seemingly forever, since I was only home for 18 hours last weekend. And as a bonus burst of excitement, this was a holiday weekend! My office is closed for a five day weekend (Saturday through Wednesday), and most people are taking off Thursday and Friday as well so I’ll probably only work a few hours each day and then take PTO for the rest. What a treat to be home and without (much) work for ten days straight! Over the last few weeks, I’ve been creating a “Colorado summer bucket list” …

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April 26, 2017

Time Off: Some Planned, Some Unplanned


It’s been a little while since I’ve blogged outside of my Links posts, huh? I was lucky enough to spend last week down in Seabrook Island, South Carolina, for my family’s annual beach vacation. Several years ago, my dad booked a condo on Seabrook Island for a spring break getaway that was driveable from upstate New York. (A very long drive, but driveable nonetheless.) Seabrook is about 30 minutes south of Charleston, where my brother Erik lives with his family, so my dad and his family were able to catch up with them too. Over the years, my mom started joining, …

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June 23, 2016

Dream Vacation: Booked!

Despite the many articles I’ve read about vacation being important for productivity (to help you rest and recharge), I am admittedly terrible at actually taking my vacation time. Because I travel so much for work, all I want from “vacation days” is time at home. With that being fairly date-agnostic (no flights or hotels to book), I often end up delaying the “scheduling” part of the vacation process as well. My thinking is that since I can take my vacation anytime, then why not be flexible and take it when it’s a particularly “good” time? But the problem is that there is …

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March 5, 2016

Puerto Vallarta: No Regrets


This was not the vacation I was expecting… but that’s okay. I wasn’t expecting to get sick within 6 hours of arriving in Mexico. (My own fault for eating sushi that I should have known was bad.) I spent all Thursday night getting sick everywhere, including a mortifying public vomiting incident in the trash can at the convenience store when I went to get Gatorade. On Friday, although I wasn’t getting sick anymore, I still felt pretty crappy and didn’t really get out of bed until noon. I ventured out to the marina shopping area for more Gatorade (and found lemon lime! …

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September 8, 2015

Emphasizing my OOO

Last Thursday, I got a reminder from my company to check out my “total rewards” page on the intranet. I dutifully went to the page to make sure that my 401k and other investment allocations were where I wanted them to be, and I happened to glance over to another part of the page and see my vacation balance. As luck would have it, I had just earlier that day finished reading an interesting article in the Harvard Business Review around employees not taking their vacation… and I am definitely one of the guilty ones there. Although I earn 22 …

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