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September 24, 2020

Race Report: Sangre de Cristo 50 Mile


In the days leading up to the Sangre de Cristo, I started getting cold feet… and especially when I started packing. Ultramarathons require so much stuff!! It reminded me of doing a triathlon, in a bad way – one of the things I liked least about doing a tri was how much equipment could make or break your race, and it seemed like that was also the case with doing an ultra. Whatever happened to just putting your sneakers on and going out for a run?! I toyed with the idea of just ignoring the “drop bags” (bags you pack ahead …

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January 3, 2020

Two Nights Before the Race: HITS Sarasota Olympic Triathlon


I’m really nervous. I’m on a plane to do my first triathlon on Sunday – the HITS Sarasota, Olympic distance. I feel reasonably prepared from a physical standpoint (well, mostly), but there is a lot lacking in my preparation. Namely, around all the stuff. One big selling point for running is that all you really need is a well-fitting pair of sneakers , even if you’re doing a full marathon. A watch? Helpful but not necessary. Gels / fancy nutrition? They hand it out along the course (as long as you’re not too particular about what kind you eat). Special …

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June 11, 2018

Race Recap: Ragnar Chicago, Part 1


This post is super delayed – whoops! I ran Ragnar Chicago with a group of my coworkers on May 18th/19th. We weren’t trying to be competitive, but I still thought I’d write up this “race report” for posterity 🙂 I’ve long been curious about Ragnar relays, as I’ve seen good friends do them and have a blast. But I had also heard a lot about arduous they can be. You’re packed into a van for two days, taking turns running and driving and sleeping. (Though I was told that the sleeping is very minimal.) You can’t shower, even though you’re …

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October 31, 2017

Weekend Recap: Madrid!


Although traveling for work every week is by far my least favorite part of my job, there is an awesome perk that comes along with it. If there’s a weekend that you don’t want to go home, you can fly anywhere else as long as the ticket price is less than the cost of flying you home. Since flights from Colorado to Florida are expensive, and flights from Florida to Europe are cheap, this meant I could do a weekend in Madrid basically for free! (And with how delayed my flights home usually are and the fact that I have …

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March 14, 2015

Night Before the Race: Montgomery Marathon

Veni Vidi Vici - Brussel Sprouts

That was an exhausting couple of days, but overall really successful! I am so glad to be on my way home though… to bed for lots of sleep. On Friday afternoon, I headed for the airport to catch a flight to Atlanta. I learned a few weeks ago that I would need to be there for training on Friday morning, and I noticed that the day corresponded nicely with the Montgomery Marathon in Alabama – just a two hour drive away. I decided to book my work flights to take advantage of this proximity, delaying my departure by 24 hours …

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