April 20, 2015

You Finished a Marathon! Now… What’s Next?

Boston Marathon Finish 2010

Happy Marathon Monday! Adam and I were discussing the Boston Marathon this morning, and while neither of us ended up tracking the race or watching it online, it’s still been neat to see the results of the elites and some blogging buddies come in. From some of the commentary I’ve seen, though, it looks like I may need to go find video of the final few miles in both the men’s and women’s races… they sounded exciting! The weather today certainly wasn’t ideal for a fast finish, and I’m sure more than a few runners ended up pulling out of …

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April 16, 2013

We Are Runners… We Move Forward

I’m not yet ready to write – let alone post – about my marathon on Sunday. The course was 1.5 miles long due to an error in turns at the start, and I planned to write about how I was “outraged” at how the organizers screwed it up. But really, outrage over running a few extra miles? Runners at the Boston finish line voluntarily ran 1.5 extra miles to Mass General to donate blood. And many of us are just grateful that we’re able to run at all right now, given that the attack has left many unable to do …

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April 15, 2013

There Is No "Why"

I’ve pretty much been shaking all afternoon since I heard the news about Boston. While I didn’t break from work to watch the actual race, this hit me hard enough that I immediately canceled my meetings, headed for a break room, and turned up the volume on CBS’ live coverage. There was limited camera footage of what happened (or at least, limited relevant footage vs aftermath?) so CBS kept this one clip on a loop – and it made me tear up every time. A guy in a gray shirt with “Boston is for Runners”, leaping into action and running …

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April 18, 2011

Boston Marathon: Elite Race Recap

I was gearing up to post a weekend recap of all the neat stuff I did, but then I got distracted. It’s Marathon Monday! While I hadn’t made any concrete plans to watch, I ended up catching CBS Boston’s live feed online, and tweeting out updates for those who aren’t in the Northeast and couldn’t watch the video. It was really odd for me not to be in Boston running. I’ve only done one Boston Marathon before, true, but it just felt so strange to be on the outside looking in when so many of my friends and blog buddies …

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April 22, 2010

Race Report: Boston Marathon, Part 2

Click here if you missed part 1 I had been warned by several people (including experienced marathoner Dane Rauschenberg) to do the first few miles at least 10-15 seconds slower than my goal pace. I was very familiar with the second half of the course, having run it backwards and forwards two years prior the morning of the Boston Beer Marathon, but all I knew about the first half was that it was supposed to be lots of downhill. I had previously commented to people that I was surprised that people made such a big deal about Heartbreak Hill – …

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