March 15, 2020

Links I Love: March 15, 2020

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


How to Know When You Should Turn Down a Promotion. (New York Magazine)

Ganahl’s SheFactor looks to inspire young women. (BizWest Magazine)

Why 2019 Was a Breakthrough Year for Women in the Boardroom. (New York Times)

Female Farmers Are Finally Being Counted. (Morning Brew)

Drunk shopping translates into $44.9 billion business in the U.S.. (Chain Store Age)

Coronavirus Puts Back-to-School Shopping on the ‘Do It Now’ List. (Bloomberg)

COVID-19 Concerns Are a Likely Tipping Point for Local Brand Growth. (Nielsen)

Retail traffic begins to recover in China amid coronavirus. (Digital Commerce 360)

Starbucks And Coronavirus: Lessons For All Retailers From The Company’s Response In China. (Forbes)


Getting the best out of virtual meetings. (LinkedIn)

Why we replaced our standups with a robot. (Zapier)

How to Block Out the World When You’re Trying to Work. (Lifehacker)

How snippets make me more efficient at work…and dating. (Zapier)

The Power of the Placebo Effect (and Its Opposite, the Nocebo Effect). (Deep Existence)

How to Enjoy Living Alone. (Lifehacker)


The surprising health benefit of being in a relationship with an optimist. (Well & Good NYC)

64-year-old becomes oldest woman to row across Atlantic Ocean. (Guardian)

Why it’s so much harder to train at higher altitudes if you’re not used to it. (Well & Good NYC)

Combining Aerobics and Weights Tied to Optimal Weight Control. (New York Times)

Better Nutrition Labels Are Finally Here. (Lifehacker)

What would happen if the world reacted to climate change like it’s reacting to the coronavirus?. (Fast Company)

The Extraordinary Decisions Facing Italian Doctors. (The Atlantic)

Don’t Panic: The comprehensive Ars Technica guide to the coronavirus [Updated 3/9]. (Ars Technica)

It’s Time to Assume COVID-19 Is Already In Your City. (Lifehacker)

Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now. (Medium) I found this incredibly helpful for deciding what to do about my team traveling. (Spoiler: I stopped it.)

Coronavirus Reveals the Best & Worst of Leadership. (Friday Forward)

How Long Does the Coronavirus Live on Different Surfaces?. (Lifehacker)

Chinese company gives out paper ‘shield’ to prevent coronavirus spread. (NY Post)

You touch your face 23 times an hour—here are 3 ways to curb the habit, according to a behavioral psychologist. (Well & Good NYC)

Colorado’s first drive-up COVID-19 testing facility opens in Denver, is free of charge. (KOAA News)


What You Need to Know About U.S. Airlines Now in a World Turned Upside-Down. (Skift)

Delta trims capacity 15% as coronavirus cuts into travel. (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

U.S. Travelers Returning Home Face Long Medical Screening Lines at Airports. (Skift)

Meet the Insane People Still Planning Cruise Ship Vacations. (Daily Beast)

The Best Places to Eat in the Denver Airport. (Thrillist)

Expedia Chairman Barry Diller Rips His ‘Bloated’ Company as ‘All Life, No Work’. (Skift)


Support Your Local Businesses by Buying Gift Cards to Use After the Coronavirus Outbreak. (Lifehacker)

In Coronavirus Lockdown, the Living Are Trapped With the Dead. (Daily Beast)

Sneezing Dogs, Dancing Bees: How Animals Vote. (New York Times)

Does the President Matter as Much as You Think?. (Freakonomics)

Bizarre Rich-People Secrets I Learned Undercover at Canyon Ranch Spa. (Bloomberg)

How My Worst Date Ever Became My Best. (New York Times)

11 Ways To Sell Unwanted Items for Extra Cash. (The Simple Dollar)

With the right pantry staples, anyone can assemble a quick weeknight meal. (Lifehacker)

Finally, for a laugh: Stressed Woman Now Stressed About Trying to Destress. (Reductress)

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