January 26, 2020

Links I Love: January 26, 2020

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


When the Surgeon Is a Mom. (New York Times)

The Persistent Myth of Female Office Rivalries. (Harvard Business Journal)

The Critical Business Relationships Most Women Overlook. (Forbes)

Why Don’t Women Self-Promote As Much As Men?. (Harvard Business Journal)

Bringing your whole self to work is a bad idea. (Fast Company)

The Myth Of Work-Life Balance. (Forbes)

Similar: 3 Reasons Why Work-Life Balance Is a Myth. (Inc)

Constantly Calibrating on Work and Life: Why “Balance” is Bull. (Medium)

10 Best (Unusual) Career Tips From 2019 – Seizing Opportunities. (Forbes)

Young and ambitious? Don’t devote nights and weekends to your employer—do this instead. (Quartz)

Retail Automation Is Only Getting Bigger. (Morning Brew)

This new Ikea store has zero parking spaces. (Fast Company)

Lessons for Retailers from the Rebirth of Indie Bookstores. (Harvard Business Journal)

Buy Now, Pay Later Apps Grew How Much in 2019?. (Morning Brew)


Why objectively bad reviews and negativity often pique our curiosity even more. (Well & Good NYC)

You Absolutely Can Tackle the Big Things You’ve Been Avoiding. (Zen Habits)

5 Ways to Distraction-Proof Your Mind. (Nir and Far)

The psychological reason why you can’t stop watching cooking shows. (Well & Good NYC)

How to Give Yourself a Year-End Review. (Lifehacker)

Start Money Goals on Your Birthday, Not January 1st. (Lifehacker) I do this! My birthday (July 10) falls close to the beginning of my company’s new fiscal year (July 1), when my annual raise kicks in, so I usually reevaluate my finances and figure out my budget every summer.

The Success Formula: Experiment & Plan. (Deep Existence)

7 secrets to living a long, fulfilling life, according to people in their 80s, 90s, and 100s. (Well & Good NYC)

How learning to care less in all aspects of life can be the ultimate healthy boundary. (Well & Good NYC)

The psychological reason breakups lead us to re-prioritize our friendships. (Well & Good NYC)


Are you tired, fatigued, or exhausted? Here are 5 key differences, according to a sleep doctor. (Well & Good NYC)

I’m a movement specialist, and this is the best stretch based on your height. (Well & Good NYC)

A music scientist explains how to hack your playlist and make your workouts more effective. (Well & Good NYC)

If you’ve ever wondered if a 15-minute workout is worth it, the answer is yes. (Well & Good NYC)

A Decade of Fitness. (New York Times)

Turn out the lights: New studies show energy-efficient bulbs can damage skin. (Well & Good NYC)

I’m an RD and this is why I never recommend coconut oil. (Well & Good NYC)

11 healthy ideas for what to put in your oatmeal. (Well & Good NYC)


How Travel Agencies Can Maximize Commissions and Boost Profitability in a New Era of Airfare Retailing. (Skift)

JetBlue CEO Warns Flight Shaming Is Coming to the U.S. (Skift)

Route shakeup: JetBlue drops Oakland, shrinks Long Beach. (The Points Guy)

Related: JetBlue Cuts Long Beach Again, Refuses to Rip the Band-Aid Off. (Cranky Flier)

United Powers Through the 737 Max Waiting Game With Strong Earnings. (Skift)

Related: Southwest Learns to Adapt to 737 Max ‘Crisis’. (Skift)

Delta’s New Miami Flights Are Almost Exactly What You’d Expect. (Cranky Flier)

Delta CEO Ed Bastian CES 2020 Opening Keynote. (Delta Airlines) Lots of interesting insights here, beyond just the cool tech solutions Delta is launching!

2020 Digital Marketing Trends for Hoteliers. (Hotel News Now)

Augmented Hospitality is Changing the Way We Experience Cities. (Skift)

How Certifying a Hotel’s Wellness Bonafides Could Shake Up the Industry. (Skift)

Pushing the world’s largest hotel chain to be more like Airbnb. (CNN)

How to Plan a Long-Term Trip. (Room Key)

Taking an Uber? 9 Tips to Ride Safely. (New York Times)


Vacations: That’s What (Making) Friends Are For. (New York Times)

What Americans are doing to destroy their homes [Study]. (The Simple Dollar) Oops, I am guilty of not using my vent when I am showering… need to start doing that.

Cutting Books in Half Is a Hack. (Lifehacker)

Find the Large Attachments Eating Up Your Gmail Space With a Simple Search. (Lifehacker)

Buying frozen hash browns is not only acceptable, but encouraged. (Lifehacker)

Teach Your Baby Sign Language. (Lifehacker)

What I Gave Up And What I Gained. (The Simple Dollar)

And finally, for a laugh: Study Finds Comparing Yourself To Others Actually Pretty Good Way To Gauge Success. (The Onion)

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