September 29, 2019

Links I Love: September 29, 2019

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


Peloton Is a Phenomenon. Can It Last?. (New York Times) I love it and am considering getting a bike for myself! (Or possibly a DIY solution like this.)

We Need a Shorter Workweek. (Lifehacker)

Young People Are Going to Save Us All From Office Life. (New York Times)

We need to be honest about tech culture and mental health. (Fast Company)

How to Manage Your Mental Illness at Work. (New York Times)

To Promote Inclusivity, Stay Away from Personality Assessments. (New York Times)


Why Your Memory Sucks, and What You Can Do About It. (Lifehacker)

Attention Management vs. Time Management: Five Ways to Emphasize What Truly Matters. (Laura Stack)

Stressed Out? 5 Multi-Day Retreats to Consider. (Under 30 CEO)


4 things a sleep expert wants you to know about white noise before you tune in. (Well & Good NYC)

Sleep Therapy for the Masses May Be Coming to You Soon. (New York Times)

Do a Hard Workout Before Getting on a Plane. (Lifehacker)

For a Longer Life, Get Moving. Even a Little.. (New York Times)

One of the best things anyone can do for their body? Push a sled.. (Well & Good NYC)

Eating Fruits and Vegetables Is More Important Than Eating Organic. (Lifehacker)


Frontier makes a major play at Newark. (Wandering Aramean)

United Airlines Removes Expiration Dates From Frequent Flyer Miles. (Skift)

Related: Goodbye GPUs, Hello PlusPoints: United revamps elite upgrade scheme. (Wandering Aramean)

Spirit Airlines Will Offer Comfier Seats — For Free. (Skift)

A big bet on biometrics-based boarding for American Airlines at DFW. (Wandering Aramean)

What’s Gone Wrong at American Airlines?. (Skift)

U.S. Airlines Prioritize Some Flights Over Others When Summer Storms Hit. (Skift)

Airline introduces baby seat map to allow passengers to avoid infants. (CNN)

How Travel Technology Is Making Vacationing Easier. (Room Key)

How to Turn Airbnb Hosting into Your Next Side Hustle. (Under 30 CEO)

Marriott Vows to Stop Using Single-Use Plastic Toiletries by 2020. (Skift)


How to Remember the Difference Between ‘Who’ and ‘Whom’. (Lifehacker)

Stop Making These 6 Common Stain-Removing Mistakes. (Apartment Therapy)

How to Boil the Perfect Egg. (New York Times)

Why Your Home Stinks and How to Fix It. (Lifehacker)

Should You Take Your Shoes Off at Home?. (New York Times)

Before you ghost your date, practice politely dumping our chatbot. (Quartz)

How to Encourage Your Kid’s Empathy. (Lifehacker)

People respond to Dad’s post criticizing parents who hand out “cheap candy” on Halloween.. (Some Ecards)

The Crane Wife. (The Paris Review)

Let’s Meet Again in Five Years. (New York Times)

There is no rush.. (Alexandra Franzen)

Argue Like You’re on Camera. (Lifehacker)

The Parable of the Fruit Tree. (The Simple Dollar)

How to Build an Email List: 6 Ways to Get New Subscribers. (Zapier)

Wide Awake at 3 a.m.? Don’t Just Look at Your Phone.. (Wirecutter)

And finally, for a laugh: dre on Twitter. (Twitter)

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