September 1, 2019

Links I Love: September 1, 2019

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


It’s Good to Be in the Boutique Fitness Business, at Least for Now. (Skift)

Le Tote Bought Lord & Taylor for Two Major Reasons. (Morning Brew)

3 Strategies That Will Help You Disaster-Proof Your Brand. (Under 30 CEO)

The Addictive Products Myth: Who Is the Culprit Here?. (Nir and Far)


Shutting It Down: Six Steps to Productively Closing a Project. (Laura Stack)

“It’s Like I Couldn’t Stop”: A Digital Minimalism Case Study. (Cal Newport)

3 Indirect Strategies to Get Yourself Moving. (Deep Existence)

Five Signs You’ve Broken Your Productivity System. (Laura Stack)

How to Prioritize When Everything Feels Important. (Zapier)

Parents: Organize Your To-do List by ‘Time Pockets’. (Lifehacker)

Change Your Perspective to Change Your Life. (New York Times)

A nostalgia expert explains why reminiscing in groups is such a great unifier—at work and otherwise. (Well & Good NYC)

Harvard professor says ‘winning a $20 million lottery won’t make you happier in life’—but these 4 things will. (CNBC)

How You Can ‘Catch’ Other People’s Emotions. (Lifehacker)

Full study: When Are You Most Likely to Catch Other People’s Emotions?. (Greater Good)

How to Give Your Therapist Feedback. (New York Times)


Living Near Oil and Gas Wells Tied to Heart Defects in Babies. (New York Times)

The 5 golden rules for healthy eating, according to a doctor and RD. (Well & Good NYC)

A Blood Test for Alzheimer’s? It’s Coming, Scientists Report. (New York Times)

Two Amazing Running Records Were Set Last Week. (Running with Miles)

A New Sponsor for Allyson Felix. (New York Times)

Good news for your 10,000 steps: Power walking is as good of a workout as running. (Well & Good NYC)

Why Standing Often Feels Even Harder Than Running. (New York Times)

Why experts say squeezing in a sweaty workout is overrated. (Well & Good NYC)


U.S. Airlines, Railways and Car Drivers Struggle With Antiquated Infrastructure. (Bloomberg)

United Airlines Is Expanding Its Creepy Biometric Screening Technology to More Airport Hubs. (Gizmodo)

Revealed – the public’s pet peeves when flying. (Airport World)

Alaska Turns Its California Compass to Point North. (Cranky Flier)

United to Keep Boeing 737 Max Fleet Grounded Through Mid-December. (Bloomberg)

Spirit Airlines wants travelers to book flights via text message. (CNBC)

Gen Z and Social Media: It’s Complicated. (Hotel News Now)

Your Best Tips for a Better Uber or Lyft Trip. (New York Times)


Alexa Can Help You Find Lost Items Around Your House. (Lifehacker)

Things You Should Say To Your Single 30-Something Friend. (Refinery29)

Related: 6 Ways to Cope With Being Single. (Psychology Today)

What Happens When You’re No One’s Number One. (Refinery29)

Getting Through the “Boring Middle”. (The Simple Dollar)

How I Try To Balance Minimalism With Frugality. (Frugalwoods)

And finally, for a laugh: Barking dogs at Chevy Chase dog park divide rich and powerful. (Washington Post)

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