June 16, 2019

Links I Love: June 16, 2019

Want to stay in bed longer? Here’s what I’ve been loving, laughing at, and getting intrigued by all week long. Now cozy up with your laptop/tablet and enjoy 🙂

Links I Love
Original image source: Mike Licht


Ending The Practice of Two Week’s Notice. (Friday Forward)

Leadership lessons from Game of Thrones. (Strategy& Business)

Do these things to stay sane if you work in a high-stress job. (Fast Company)

How to Look Smart in a Business Meeting Full of Strangers. (Lifehacker)


How to Make Deadlines Less Stressful and More Motivational. (Zapier)

4 Ways to Simplify Your Life. (Deep Existence)

The True Cost of Multitasking Isn’t Productivity—It’s Mental Health. (Zapier)

New Neuroscience Reveals 5 Rituals That Will Make You Happy. (Barking Up the Wrong Tree)

What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self?. (Cup of Jo)

You Deserve to Take Up Space—Here’s How to Make It a Habit. (Shine)

Friendship imposter syndrome explains why you sometimes feel like your BFF hates you. (Well & Good NYC)


Noise pollution is everywhere—and it’s stressing you out. (Well & Good NYC)

Sharing AirPods with running buddies is the best way to pass the miles. (Well & Good NYC) I like hearing in both ears, though… can’t wait for the new Bluetooth protocol to allow sharing to two sets of headphones at once from the same device!

Why You Should Do Some of Your Running on Trails. (Lifehacker) LOVE trail running… it is the best.

Get Better at Push-Ups by Doing Them on Stairs. (Lifehacker)

Does It Matter When I Work Out?. (Lifehacker)

Why Eating Processed Foods Might Make You Fat. (New York Times)

Shorter summary of that article: Finally, there’s undeniable evidence that processed food really is bad for your health. (Well & Good NYC)

The Intersection of Race and Blood. (New York Times)


Skift Analysis: Amazon’s Travel Strategy Comes Into Focus. (Skift)

Boeing Built Deadly Assumptions Into 737 Max, Blind to a Late Design Change. (New York Times)

Southwest Airlines Removes 737 Max From Its Schedule for Another Month. (Bloomberg)

Some American carriers are installing cameras on their in-flight entertainment screens. (Economist)

How Advanced Tech is Helping Hotels Humanize the Guest Experience. (Skift)

Airbnb Expands Experiences Into Multiday Adventures. (Skift)


Do Math in Your Head With These Mental Math Tricks. (Lifehacker)

How to Help Reduce School Lunch Debt. (Lifehacker)

Make ‘Bubble Snakes’ With Your Kid. (Lifehacker) I want to try these with my nephews!

Women, Alcohol and Perceived ‘Sexual Availability’. (New York Times)

5 fun rainy day date ideas that will enhance your relationship. (Well & Good NYC)

Honeymoons have evolved drastically over the centuries—but so have relationships, and it’s all good news. (Well & Good NYC)

Should you cook instant ramen noodles and soup separately?. (Lifehacker)

Forget the pit: This trick to keep fresh guacamole from turning brown actually works. (Well & Good NYC)

Make Google Remember Your Parking Spot for You. (Lifehacker)

Check Amazon’s ‘Most Wished For’ Page for Gift Inspiration. (Lifehacker)

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